Comic Book A Day – Day 2 – All-Star Squadron #2 (1981)

All-star Squadron

Super ass jokes and soft anti-semitism make this one a MUST READ!

All-Star Squadron #2 is prominently displayed in my comic book case.  It”s one of my showcase comics, which means I put it in the front because I love the cover.

First off, it features Plastic Man, one of my all time favorite characters!

Superman kicks the crap out of Hitler

You know my Dad”s are Jewish right?

it also takes place on the old-school DC Earth-2, no, not the new one which turns Green Lanterns gay,  it”s the old one where really cool golden age characters fight Nazis!  It”s “Spear of Destiny” shit, yo.

I really enjoyed reading this comic.  It featured everyone from Plas to Robotman to Hawkman, Hourman, Liberty Belle, Shining Knight and Winged Victory and the original pre-gas mask Sandman.  Hell, it even has Eleanor Roosevelt (I”m pretty sure she was checking out Liberty Belle).

Dr. Fate

Open your mouth and say “Ankh”

It also featured cameos from The Justice Society including Dr. Fate, Jay Garrick, Straight Allan Scott, Star Man and the rest of the gang.

Basically, this issue wraps up the first story of the new All-Star Squadron.  It”s about a Nazi villain who travels back in time from 1947 all the way back to 1941 to hypnotize Japanese pilots to attack more spots in the U.S. besides Pearl Harbor (like that wasn”t enough?) to convince the U.S. to attack Japan first and leave Germany alone!  Sounds complicated?  It is! Seriously, leave your brain at the door.  But I”m a sucker for old stonsgame school Earth-2 stories and so I still found myself enjoying the crap out of this one.

Jewish Super Hero

With great power comes great tzuris

And then it gets weird!  Everyone is taking on Solomon Grundy and some henchmen.  Earth-2 speedster Johnny Quick wonders how Solomon Grundy got his name and thinks to himself “Funny…he doesn”t look Jewish!”…um…ah…huh?

So I”m a Jew.  Actually, I”m Jew-ish and I”m not really offended by Johnny Quick”s comment more than I am left just scratching my head.  I guess Solomon is a Jewish name (Is it?), maybe while punching Quick in the face Grundy”s zipper exploded and the All-Star Squadder got a close look at some super moyle”s handy work?  I don”t know…I”m just going to move on here…

Superman can sometimes be a jerk!

Well you asked!

Then Superman, who was laid out for basically the entire comic in a magic induced coma, wakes up just in time for The Atom to comment on how “snazzy” the name All-Star Squadron is, to which Superman replies and I quote “As long as you”re careful how you abbreviate it.”!!!

WTF???  Superman just made an ASS joke!  Good thing the A.S.S. didn”t choose “Fantastic Unbelievable Cool Kids” as their name, right Superman?  Right?!?

I give All-Star Squadron #2 an ASS kicking rating of    Aaron HaberAaron HaberAaron Haber three out of 6 Aarons!

I am,

Aaron Haber