Comic Book A Day – Day 4 – Shadow Of The Bat #0

Shadow Of The Bat 0

Oscar The Crouch

This October DC comics dares to bring you the all-new, all-original 0 (that’s Zero and not a weirdo letter “o”) issues of your favorite comics where their true origins will be revealed, while at the same time introducing new story arcs! It is so all-new and so all-original that…

Zero Hour

This will fix everything! Except for Hawkman…nothing can stop the Juggernaut and nothing can fix Hawkman’s continuity issues.

Wait, what?

It’s been done in pretty much the same way back in the Zero Hour Crisis back in 1994?

Well crap!

So anyway…in 1994 DC comics attempted to (once-a-freaking-gain) fix it’s continuity problems by having a massive crisis.




I knew I shouldn’t have had the Fajita Sundae…

Zero Hour was referred to as a “Crisis in Time” which also refers to the time gap between eating at a Sizzler and driving hour as fast as you can so you don’t crap your pants).

Shadow Of The Bat 0

So anyway, Shadow Of The Bat #0…This issue basically gives us the definitive (until it was changed another 700 times) back story as to how Bruce Wayne became The Batman.

Batman Family

So many bathrooms, so little time.

So his parents are murdered, he gets furious and then audits classes around the globe and joins the FBI and…wait, what?!?

Batman Says "Stay In School"

Or at least audit a bunch of classes for a while.

I’m struck by how Bruce Wayne just sort of, you know, casually audits classes and this allows him to become the greatest detective of all time.  It’s like if I went to the Aquarium every once in a while and turned into Aquaman.

And what’s this crap about him joining the F.B.I.?  Where, by the way, he only had a desk job because he…wait for it…couldn’t figure out how to use guns.

The art is not my style, Batman looks like a cross between something out of a Dr. Suess book and Mad Magazine and the writing and story are sort of blah, especially for such an “important issue”.

Batman Zero

Batman o: All the Bat-taste, none of the calories!

Maybe this October almost 18 years to the day that the last round of zeros came out, we’ll get a more exciting origin issue!

This issue gets Aaron HaberAaron Haber

2 Aarons out of 6.  Blarg!

Until I become someone else…I am,

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