Gootzview: Um…Why Isn’t Everyone Reading Avengers?

By Ray Gootz 


Tesseract like a real comic book fan and read some comics!

When Hunger Games, Twilight or The Harry Potter movies came out in theaters their counterpart book sales skyrocketed.

Iron Man Throne

Heavy hangs the head that wears the Iron mask.

When Game of Thrones hit their airwaves everyone started getting the books.


So why hasn’t that happened with comic books?



You telling me a movie like Dark Knight made that much money and had that much hype and not one person was like “Man I gotta go get me some batman comics.”??

Batman and friends

Hey Bane, we’re hanging out in comic books, where are you???

Well here is the deal: comic book companies have done nothing to court new fans. They have done zero to get people interested in their books. Catwoman and Bane right now, whatever the 2 biggest DC books they put out 3 days before DKR, should be the stars of that book. Ask anyone on the street what Catwoman is up to these days. It’s not just that comic book companies aren’t trying to get these new fans, they’re almost going out of their way to turn them off.


Iron Fist in The Avengers

Can you please move over Iron Fist? I’m trying to read about The Avengers.

Don’t believe me? Check out New Avengers. At the height of Avengers mania this book for 3 issues at 4 dollars a pop featured no Avengers in it at all. Instead it featured Iron Fist’s master and some red-head. So if someone loved the Avengers movie and wanted to get into the A venger books they’d pay 4 dollars for 22 pages of a girl kung-fu training.


Wait, I’m black now? Cool!

No Tony Stark, no Hawkeye not even a black Nick Fury. 2 obscure characters, one of which we never saw before totally dominating a book called Avengers.

Comic book movies on Netflix

It’s an image, stop clicking on the play arrows, stop!

Look Netflix is 7 dollars a pop, you can go buy dvds for 6.99. Even a pretty huge Harry Potter book is only a few bucks more. May of 2012 was game time for the Avenger books. All 4 of them should’ve featured recognizable characters, easy to follow dense storylines that contained a lot of action, all thriller no filler. Instead we got a guy dressed like Cobra Commander yelling at a little girl. The kids that took a chance on this book are never going to do it again.


Harry Potter

Read 1000 pages about meeee!

It doesn’t make any sense, when you buy a Harry Potter book it’s not 15 dollars for a 100 page story about 2 wizards you never heard of that will never be in a harry potter film. What kind of moron would do that? Marvel. Marvel is that moron.

AVX Babies

AVX Babies! Exactly what we’re talking about…wait, no it’s not.

Look all I’m saying is one day guys like me we’ll all be dead. When you get gifts from God like Avengers, ya need to seize this and lock in the new readers. And the fact that you charged 4 dollars for a book about IRON FIST’S MASTER who was never in an Avenger book before proves to me, someone is asleep at the wheel. They better wake up before we realize our money is better spent.

Ray Gootz

If you lay down and act dead…they win!

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