Comic Book A Day – Day 7 – Ultimate Comics New Ultimates # 1 (2010)

Ultimate Comics New Ultimates 1

Thor”s quadruple nipple sense tingling again can only mean 1 thing…danger!

So I”m really digging both Marvel”s Digital Comics Unlimited service as well as The Ultimate Universe line.  I”ve read the entire Ultimate Fantastic Four series and have moved on to some of the mini-series and am now reading Ultimate Comics New Ultimates.

Marvel Ultimates

Hawkeyes and Panthers and Tigers…oh my!

OK, so first off let”s look past the title “Ultimate Comics New Ultimates” which is basically The Ruth”s Chris Steak House of comics.  So these are The Ultimates, except that they”re actually not the original Ultimates from The Ultimate line at Marvel, they are New Ultimates from the new Ultimate line at Marvel which is now called “Ultimate Comics”?  Got it!  I think…

Captain America

The super soldier serum gave Captain America jet power between his thighs!

These “New Ultimates” seem to include Hawkeye (from Mash), Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Valkyrie, Ka-Zar and his girlfriend and Black Panther.  The language is intense, the punches are never pulled and this first issue of what I think is the casino 4th Ultimates series (although it is most certainly the New Ultimates from The new Ultimate Comics line and not the old Ultimates from the Ultimate Line at Marvel) kicks major ass (or Asth as Drew Barrymore would thay).


I really enjoyed the tone and the ballsiness of the writing.  Plus with The Ultimate comics line at Marvel where established heros have died and gone rogue, there”s always the possibility of something colossally important possibly happening with every new panel.

For great story, great suspense and great character development, I give Ultimate Comics New Ultimates a new Ultimate penultimate rating of 5 out of 6 Aarons!