Comic Book A Day – Day 30 – Baltimore: Dr Leskovar’s Remedy (2012)

Baltimore Mike Mignola

Although his Vampire serum can turn him into a giant monster, alas it cannot cure his male pattern baldness.

If you’ve been reading my blog, you know I fricking love Mike Mignola’s work.  Creating your own vastly successful universe outside of the big 2 publishers and getting people to really care about and most importantly buy your comics is a huge feat!

Lord Baltimore Mike Mignola

Wood eye? Wood eye? Peg leg! Peg Leg!

Mignola has been expanding his universe even more with Baltimore.  I have to admit, this is the first issue of any Baltimore series I’ve read.  I know nothing about the character, I don’t know if it’s taking place in the same time period as the current Hellboy and B.P.R.D. arcs and I don’t know if it’s even in the same universe proper.

The point is, I don’t care!  I still loved it.  Mignola along with Christopher Golden have set up another intriguing tale of the supernatural and man’s battle against it and Ben Stenbeck’s art is Mignola-verse perfect.

All this did was make me want to go out and buy every Baltimore back issue out there!

I’m giving Baltimore: Dr Leskovar’s Remedy 5 out of 6 Aaron (to be fair if I knew what had happened last issue, I might have given it a 6, so let’s call it a 5.5).

Make Mine Mignola!

Aaron Haber


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Dr Fate Helmut

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Tweets From Henchmen – Brother Eye

Just lost my 98th consecutive staring contest. #dudedoesn’tblink


Brother Eye

Comic Book A Day – Day 29 – Deathstroke 12 (2012)

Deathstroke 12 review

That’s not a knife…this is a knife.

So I think Rob Liefed kind of sucks.  I’ve never been that into his art, although I do respect him for having a style which is instantly recognizable and I think his stories are just sort of lame.

He also comes off as a major egomaniac and incredibly difficult to work with as evidenced by his recent very public quitting/badmouthing of DC Comics and its editorial staff.

Just like in comedy though, you can be offensive if you back it up with being funny.  But Liefeld’s New 52 stories don’t back up the trash talking.

Is it possible that all his stories suck because the editors have nefarious (!) intentions?  Or is it possible that his stories just plain suck?

Either way, I had been enjoying the first several months of Deathstroke while under a different writer and then lo and behold in comes Rob and everything sucks.

Rob Liefeld Lobo

I guess I’m not the only one…

All that being said I was excited to see Deathstroke (whose name sounds like a snuff porn BTW) go toe to toe with the main man, Lobo.

This was Lobo’s introduction to the New 52 and while he’s portrayed as a real badass nothing happened in the story that I cared very much about.  The dialogue was dull, the character’s backstories were a little hard to follow and it had none of the super interesting “must read” drama or set up for future storylines that a Jeff Lemire or Scott Snyder comic has.

Plus there’s that whole Pig Pen art dynamic I’ve talked about before, where all of Liefeld’s characters have all these lines all over their faces.  I guess it’s supposed to be dramatic, but it just looks like they need a shower.

And after reading Deathstroke 12 (2012) I needed one too.  Luckily Liefeld is out of DC and hopefully this once great book can regain some of it’s interest and glory with the next writer.

I’m giving it 1 out of 6 Aarons.


Rob and Lie,

Aaron Haber



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Avengers Mini Skirt

The Avengers…more powerful protection than a chastity belt!

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Tweets From Henchmen – Vandal Savage

Immortality: So easy…even a caveman can do it.

Vandal Savage

Vandal Savage

Comic Book A Day – Day 28 – Spider-Men #4 (2012)

Spider Men 4 Review

Black and White and Red all over.

This is what cross-over comics should be!  We don’t need two characters that we’ve waited forever (or in this case a few months) to see fighting some stupid villain no one cares about, we want to see them interact, talk, learn about each other and be changed by it, in continuity!

Mile Morales

13 going on a ripped 28.

Miles Morales takes up the mantle of Spider-man after The Ultimate Universe’s Peter Parker is killed in action.  The original Peter Parker gets sucked into the Ultimate Universe after following Mysterio (who always makes me think of Cherrios…I don’t know, OK?) into a vortex.

ultimate mysterio

You know what? On second thought, put the fishbowl back on.

Turns out the 616 Mysterio was somehow able to send avatars of himself into this new universe, thus bridging the gap between the old school and new Ultimate universes for the first time.

Ultimate Aunt May

Hip, Strong, Cross-Eyed?

Well in this issue we see Peter Parker go to the recently deceased Ultimate Peter Parker’s house where Aunt May and Gwen Stacy reside.  Once everyone gets over the initial shock, we see some really touching moments where Ultimate Aunt May gets to see what Ultimate Peter would be like if he lived and had grown into a man.  Peter also gets to see Gwen Stacy again.

These are the moments I really care about as a comic book fan.  The human interactions, not just a bunch of dudes beating up another bunch of dudes (although sometimes that is fun to read).

I’m not sure where the last issue of this series is going or what ramifications it’s going to have on both universes in the future (Spider-man is set to take on a side kick in his book soon, was this decision based on meeting Miles?)

I’m giving Spider-Men #4 (2012) 4 out of 6 Aarons.  I recommend picking it up and then reading it and then putting it down again so you can do other things with your life.


Aaron Haber

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Marvel Bow Ties

Where’s the Hawkeye Bow and Arrow tie?

These Avengers bow ties being sold by Etsy seller TieGame are pretty darn slick.  Although I would have liked to have seen a Thanos/Death or a Joker/Jason Todd version myself.


Super Swag – Special Update! Avenger’s Case Closed!



Comic Book A Day – Day 27 – New Avengers 29 (2012)

New Avengers 29 review

Dr. Strange uses his mystical Kirby hands!

I really love when writers retcon bits of comic history to bring in new, fresh ideas in a way that doesn’t really change what we already know and love.  Take the concept of Marvel’s Illuminati created by Brian Michael Bendis for his excellent run on the Avengers.

Marvel Illuminati

Photo day at the weirdo school

The Illuminati consisted of Iron Man, Reed Richards, Namor, Black Bolt, Professor X and Dr. Strange.  It was shown that they would meet and decide what course of actions to take based on current and future problems facing the Marvel 616.

They’re the dudes who shot the Hulk into space.

Well after Hulk World, Civil War and now Avengers Vs. X-men, these dudes don’t really like each other that much anymore.


Frying Fish

And that’s the whole point of New Avengers 29.  Captain America is all out of ideas and asks his once again friend Tony Stark to call a meeting of the Illuminati, which Namor, who is now a major enemy is part of.  The entire plan is just to get him to the table to talk, so this whole crazy change the world thing can be put to a stop.

There’s no trap (it’s a trap!), just honest conversation between two old WWII allies.

Most of the comic is spent just seeing how the other members of the Illuminati interact with each other, which is beyond interesting since Professor X trained Cyclops who is leading the Phoenix X-men.

None of the others beside Captain America believe Namor is going to come.  Will he?  I’m not going to tell you, but I liked this issue enough to recommend reading it to find out.

I’m giving New Avengers 29 (2012) 5 out of 6 possible Aarons.

Clam bake!

Aaron Haber


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