Comic Book A Day – Day 10 – Iron Man #134 (1980)

Iron Man # 134

Tiny Iron Man in the upper left hand corner, please help!!!

OK, so I’ve never really found Iron Man that interesting.  I liked the first Iron Man movie a lot (even my wife liked it!) and I liked Iron Man in the Avengers movie as well (let’s skip over Iron Man 2, shall we?), but I’ve always kind of found the comic book Iron Man to be a little boring.

Iron Man #1


But The Invincible Iron Man #134 has made a fan of Iron Man and of writer/plotter David Michelinie (who I never ever heard of before)!  The narration is epic (and not the current dumb ass version of the word) and funny, the dialogue interesting and the characters and situations fun!

Iron Man at The Playboy Club

Was this woman’s dialogue written by a man? Of course! A brilliant, brilliant man!

Not only does Iron Man bring a date to The Playboy Club, but his date loves the club!

Rodney Dangerfield Iron Man

Rodney Dangerfield getting no respect in Invincible Iron Man 134

Not only that but Rodney Dangerfield makes an appearance!!!  Look, this comic book is not one of those wacky Assistant Editor’s month jobs, all these things fit neatly into the action while the plot continued to move along smoothly.

Iron Man meets Tony Millionaire

I don’t know either, OK?

After reading Iron Man #134, I’m going to do some digging on Ebay and try to pick up some more old school Iron Man as well as David Michelinie books!


The Invincible Iron Man #134 gets 6 freaking Aarons out of 6!  Seriously, this book was awesomely fun!

Iron Maniac,

Aaron Haber