Comic Book A Day – Day 11 – The Outsiders #3 (1985)

The Outsiders Issue 3

You know what they say about giant hands….

OK, so how should I put this?  This comic really sucks.  The story is boring, the dialogue is stupid, the art blows.

The Bad Samaritan

My super power is having the stickiest pockets on new Earth. Seriously, I cannot get my hands out…please help.

The main villain here is called “The Bad Samaritan”.  Perhaps it is a meta comic, where the villain is so evil he transcends the actual printed comic book and achieves his nefarious goals through making normal people in the real world read crappy comics!  If that is the case, he has scored the largest super villain victory in the history of comics.


This book was so bad in every conceivable way imaginable that I have given it my first negative score and rated it a -1 out of 6 possible Aarons.

My advice?  Blind yourself with lye before you force your eyes to read the crap that is Outsiders #3 from 1985.


Aaron Haber

Editor of