Comic Book A Day – Day 12 – Ultimate Fantastic Four Annual #1

Ultimate Fantastic Four Annual 1

Hey what”s Dazzler doing in a Fantastic Four book? Oh wait, never mind.

So I liked the Ultimate Fantastic Four series so much, I went on to electronic bay and bought the whole damn series (well, issues 1-31 anyway) and check it out, it came with this here Annual issue which I had not yet read.  So check it out…I read it!

Maximus from The Inhumans

Don”t mind me, I”m just talking to the voices in my head.

The thing I really love about the Ultimate Universe is that casino online while everything is technically brand new and re-imaginable, if you know comics you already know most of these characters and what they do and how they interact with each other.  Watching them be reintroduced is like a series of excellent inside jokes.  Sometimes the characters do the Thing they”re known for like yell out “It”s clobbering time!”

Ultimate Reed Richards

That”s probably his arm…


and sometimes they do something totally unexpected like that time Reed Richards quite being a scientist to work for Chic-Fil-A (OK, that didn”t happen).  Either way it”s a fun time and Ultimate Fantastic Four hit the right notes for me in almost every way.

Lockjaw from The Inhumans

I told you not to wear bacon underwear, but did you listen?

The artwork is fantastic, the story killer and dialogue expertly written.

I”m giving Ultimate Fantastic Four Annual #1, Four out of Five Aarons for some really excellent work!


Aaron Haber