Comic Book A Day – Day 13 – StormWatch #1 (1993)

Stormwatch #1 from 1993

Show us to the Nirvana concert or face our wraith!

OK, so I love Wildstorm’s The Authority comic book.  Each story was like an epic summer blockbuster and it contained some of the coolest new characters in comicdom.  So cool that DC bought Wildstorm a few years ago and introduced many of these characters during the New 52 realunch.

Fuji from StormWatch

Some of the characters from The Authority came out of an earlier comic called Storm Watch (which is now part of DC’s New 52).  So when I saw issues 1-15 listed on Ebay for a steal, I…well…stole it (I actually paid for it, but it was decently inexpensive).

Stormwatch Battalion

Magic Johnson indeed!

The story focuses on Jackson King whose codename is Battalion or as I like to call him Bat-a-Lion-Man! He’s a black superhero and there seem to be a lot of diversity amongst the cast of characters in this book.  That is to be commended, but the book falls flat when it comes to dialogue, plot development or even interesting characters.

Henry Bendix

No! I would not like any pudding and you can’t make me like it!

If this Storm Watch series gave birth to The Authority which led to characters like Apollo and Midnighter, The Engineer and my favorite Jack Hawksmore then I suppose it is worth giving it another try…

but I can only give Storm Watch #1 from 1993 1 aaron because as a singular issue I just didn’t like it that much.

I am,