Comic Book A Day – Day 14 – Marvel Fanfare # 7 (1983)

Hulk VS Blob

Hulk HATE the circus!

Marvel Fanfare brings me back, yes sir it does.  It was Marvel’s pristine fancy schmancy title.  Made on higher quality, glossy paper and featuring one off stories of some of Marvel’s favorite and/or least favorite characters.

Hulk Vs Blob

He’s talking about his testicles which are the true source of The Blob’s powers!

Well gosh darn it almost 30 years later and the paper is still about the same as it was when I bought it back in ’83 and it doesn’t smell like Aunt Dirty’s attic.  So I guess that extra coin was worth it!

Unus The untouchable

Unus The Untouchable and his magical menorah pants!

So basically the Hulk wanders into a circus to eat some hot dogs where Unus and The Blob happen to live and blah blah blah (blob blob blob?) they all fight.

Hulk Eats Hot Dogs

Lips and assholes make Hulk strongest there is!

As stupid as this sounds, the story is actually quite touching, well written and well drawn and I really enjoyed it.


I was not expecting dead puppies.


That is until the end where they had an extra story which, let’s just say, ends up with a basket full of dead puppies (WTF?!?!?)  Not that it wasn’t a good story, but I’m going to cry, have nightmares and eat 7 pints of Ben and Jerry’s to get over the memory of this story.  My advice, read the first part and then just go out and adopt 7 puppies instead of reading the end.

I give Marvel Fanfare #7 (1983) 4 Aarons!  I totally recommend it.

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