Comic Book A Day – Day 16 – Captain Marvel #1 (2012)

Captain Marvel 1 Review

Business in the front and party in the back. Also her hair looks weird.

The name “Captain Marvel” has always been trouble!

Captain Marvel's First Appearance

I may look like Superman, but I’m not. See? I’m wearing RED!

The original Captain Marvel was published by Fawcett way back in the 1940’s and was considered a knock off of Superman, so much so that DC Comics sued Fawcett Comics.

Captain Marvel VS. Captain Marvel

Like every guy named Mike Johnson has to kick the crap out of any other Mike Johnson he comes across.

Fawcett stopped publishing comics, including Captain Marvel and Marvel Comics (Formerly Timely Comics) snatched up the name and trademark of the Captain Marvel. When DC acquired the rights to Captain Marvel in the 1970’s they renamed him Shazam after the Wizard who granted Captain Marvel’s powers (as well as the magic word young Billy Batson uttered to become Captain Marvel) and since that time Marvel Comics has been diligent about keeping the Captain Marvel name alive even though the original Captain Marvel died in 1982.

Death of Captain Marvel

This guy has died more times than John Travolta’s career.

The publisher would reprint Captain Marvel stories and even give the mantle to a host of other characters to keep the trademark alive.


Captain Marvel 1 Review

Which brings us back to the beginning and starts our actual comic book review of Captain Marvel #1 (2012).  During Avengers VS. X-men Captain Marvel died…again and Carol Danvers (who once went by Ms. Marvel), and who had a “particle bombardment graft(ed) the genetic structure of the Kree warrior Mar-Vell (Captain Marvel) onto my (her) own DNA.) decides that his 18th sacrifice should not be in vain and so she decides to take on his name. So basically…my brain hurts.

Captain Marvel 1 Review


So I love the cover and the new costume.  Sure she looks like she bought a majorette costume from the back of a sex shop, but she looks like a sexy, superhero captain so it works for me (boy does it ever work for me).

Do not read if you are allergic to Soy.

Dexter Soy’s artwork half amazed me and half grossed me out.  He seems to have trouble with drawing asses.  All the asses in the book looked weird, so weird in fact, that I actually noticed all the asses in the book (I’m more of a boob man myself).

The book spent a lot of time justifying why she could and should be called Captain Marvel and a huge amount of time on a character called Helen Cobb who was Carol Danvers aviation inspiration.

Some of the conventions in the book were interested such as the handwritten text over the main panels of the comic adding additional narration, but I found the story to be somewhat boring and a little confusing (possibly because I don’t have a fully working knowledge of Carol Danvers backstory).


I hope the book gets better, it’s always a good thing for women and the comics biz when women superhero characters are awesome, but I’m going to give Captain Marvel #1 (2012) 2 out of 6 possible Aarons.

Make mine Marvel, but please make it Fawcett’s Captain Marvel,

Aaron Haber