Comic Book A Day – Day 17 – Marvel Zombies Destroy #5 (2012)

Marvel Zombies Destroy 5


The Marvel Zombie Franchise is the gift that just keeps on giving!

Marvel Zombies

Eating brains is Fantastic!

The first Marvel Zombies were an alternate reality Fantastic Four who tricks the Ultimate Reed Richards into transporting them into his Universe so they can feed on a whole new planet.  Well fast forward numerous stories and mini-series later (even a cross-over event with Ash from Evil Dead) and this latest installment finds Howard The Duck working for a secret governmental agency and heading up a covert team of wacky characters including Dum Dum Dugan, The Eternal Brain and someone names Taxi who can transform almost anything into a dimension hopping vehicle.

Howard The Duck Zombie

Duck season my ass!

The great thing about the Marvel Zombies concept is that it’s perfect for parodying the classic Marvel moments we all know and love and Marvel Zombies Destroy #5 is no different taking a classic Captain America moment and Zombifying it.

Marvel Zombies

On a very special episode of The Brady Bunch…

The comic keeps the tone light and the book is pretty darn funny.  I also enjoyed artist Mirco Pierfederici even if I did not enjoy typing out his name.

All in all I’m giving Marvel Zombies Destroy 4 out of 6 possible Aarons.  I say pick it up…and then read it!


Aaron Haber