Comic Book A Day – Day 18 – Action Comics #10 (2012)

Action Comics 10

You’ll believe a man can die!

To me Grant Morrison is a mixed bag (that is not a weird sexual euphemism pervert).  He’s either one of the best story tellers in the business or one of the most absolutely confusing (again, see Final Crisis or rather don’t because it sucked).

Batman R.I.P.

Grant Morrison Ripped One alright!

Im still trying to figure out what happened in Batman R.I.P. (did he die in the helicopter?  No?  Then…um…wha?)

Grant Morrison

Grant Morrison delivers Superman’s package.

All that being said I’ve enjoyed the hell out of Morrison’s Action Comics run!  Showing us how Clark Kent transformed into the Man Of Steel and watching him take on corruption and child abusers and putting out fires as opposed to simply fighting the next big super villain allows the reader to feel more of a connection to the human side of this alien icon.

Action Comics 10


Action Comics #10 (2012) finds Clark/Superman (hope I didn’t ruin that for you) finding out that it is entirely too easy to figure out that he is Superman (I know I should have put a spoiler alert) and so he gathers the newly formed Justice League together to ask their advice.  Of course Batman is a dick, but isn’t that part of the reason we love him?  To this part of the issue I give 6 Aarons…

action comics 10

Moon Knight moon lights in the DC Universe.

Then things get kind of confusing.  I get that Morrison is setting up future plot lines, but the dude in the hood and then the other dude a couple of pages later started to get hard to follow (maybe I just need to get smarter).  Anyway the issue ends with a “shocking” “death” which I won’t “ruin” for you here, but I think it’s actually a pretty smart twist to the whole “show the world that Clark Kent and Superman aren’t the same dude” plot line.

For some pretty great writing and interesting story concepts, I’m giving Action Comics #10 (2012) 3 out of a possible 6 Aarons.

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