Comic Book A Day – Day 21 – Wonder Woman #12 (2012)

Wonder Woman 12 review

Look up in the sky! It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…creamy, white thighs!

Wonder Woman has always been one of the most recognizable figures in comic books, but at the same time has had very little luck establishing and maintaining an extremely commercially successful comic book series on her own.

Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman

Granny panties never looked so good!

Is it because she’s a woman (albeit a Wonder Woman) in a men’s dominated industry and readership or is it because her comics have sucked?  Maybe a bit of both, no?  Yes.

Brian Azzarello on Wonder Woman

Brian Azzarello is a magical imp that exchanges awesome story telling and character development for gold!

But DC’s relaunch of “The New 52” offered up an opportunity to change all that and writer Brian Azzerello did just that and succeeded in making a once overlooked character into a must read book.

Wonder Woman and Hermes

Wonder Woman, Hermes and a pre-New 52 Al Sharpton!

By re-imaging the pantheon of Gods in the new DC Universe as extremely modern, cool, scary and some times just plain creepy, Azzarello has turned this once lame franchise into one of the most enjoyable, page-turners in the New 52.

Wonder Woman 12 review

Issue 12 very nicely wraps up the entire first year of this new series by showing the final battle between Wonder Woman and the Gods she’s been battling against.


I won’t give away the ending (or even the beginning or the middle), but I will tell you that it’s worth the read, as is the entire 1st year.  And oh yeah, there’s a surprise epilogue/prologue of sorts at the very end of the book which I also won’t spoil.  I will give you one hint though: “Boom”.

For fantastic writing, story plotting and wrapping upping and art, I give Wonder Woman #12 (2012) 6 out of 6 Aarons!

Wonder if I’m a Woman,

Aaron Haber