Comic Book A Day – Day 22 – Dial H #4 (2012)

Dial H Review

Finger my hole you dirty bastard!

Dial H is based on the Dial H for Hero series which ran in DC Comics’ House Of Mystery back in the 60’s, except that while that original series was goofy fun, this new updated “reimagined” series just plain sucks.

China Mieville

Just because you’re bald doesn’t make you Grant Morrison.

Much was made of series writer China Mieville leading up to this series.  He’s a British fantasy author who had worked on some unreleased DC projects in the past.

Dial h

Dial H for “huh?”

To say that I have no idea what the hell is going on in this series is an understatement.  While the basic concept is the same (Guy finds weird dial which turns him into random heroes) the new story line/characters are so out there and weird just for the sake of being so, that it’s completely unenjoyable to read.

Maybe I’m just a dumbass who’s not getting what is a brilliant series, but then I’m telling all you other dumbasses that unless you have an advanced degree in Cat-Lizard people who work with nonsense spewing cosmic non-entities, you will also think this book sucks.

I give Dial H #4 (2012) o out of a possible 6 Aarons.


Aaron Haber