Comic Book A Day – Day 25 – Batman 12 (2012)

Batman 12 Review


Did we just sort of, kind of get an Oracle character back in the Bat-verse?  Kinda, sorta.

Harper Row from Batman

Row Row Row your Batman.

Batman #12 was all about New 52 character Harper Row.  While she first appeared in Batman #7 (or #1 according to a lot of websites) we really get her origin story here.


Homophobia is so gay.

Scott Snyder once again enriches the Bat-verse with new characters and mythology.  Here High School student Harper and her brother Cullen live in The Narrows, which is basically the really crappy part of Gotham (have we ever seen the really nice part outside of Wayne Manor?).

Harper is something of a fix-it genius and spends her time patching up the ancient Gotham City power grid underground.


Batman always leaves a trial of pee behind as he leaves the scene.

She figures out that Batman has “Bat-Boxes” attached to Gotham’s power grid, that not only don’t leech power, they actually help amplify the grid to keep it online.

This is pretty awesome because it shows that Batman doesn’t just go around punching clowns, he is actually working to make Gotham a better, more functioning city.  He’s helping out everyone, all the time!

It also allows him to manipulate street lights, power to certain blocks and especially security cameras so he can either remain hidden from view or allow the cops to see that they’re needed.

After Batman saves her and her brother from anti-gay thugs, Harper works towards paying Batman back and looks like she’s going to become part of his team…whether Batman wants it or not.

For continuing to build the Bat-verse and not dropping the ball after the awesome Court of Owls storyline, I’m giving Batman 12 (2012) 5 out of 6 possible Aarons!


Aaron Haber