Comic Book A Day – Day 26 – DC Universe Presents #11 (2012)

Dc Universe Presents Savage

No I do not want to talk about scientology!!!

I really like (most of) DC Universe Presents.  It’s a way to reintroduce old characters into the New 52 as well as spotlight new characters such as Cassidy Savage, the daughter of Vandal Savage.

Vandal Savage

This dude is even older than Abe Vigoda!

To me, Vandal Savage is one of the most interesting characters in the new or old DC Universe.  Basically he’s a cave man who found a meteorite and gained immortality and super intellect.  What’s so cool about this character and what DC’s doing with him, is that he’s shown up at different points of time within the New 52.

Vandal Savage

The Macho Man “Vandy” Savage! Oh yeah!!!

He’s currently in Demon Knights which takes place about 500 years before the current DC 52.  In fact there is some speculation that the Demon Knights were the original Storm Watch, we’ll see.  But here is Savage in the New 52 in imprisoned Hannibal Lector style (no mask, but a room with clear plastic walls with books and a table).

Kassidy is an apple who has fallen far, far from the tree in one respect.  She’s an FBI agent and profiler.  In other ways she is just like her father as she is a savage and has no problem killing when needed.  In this series alone she killed 2 super villains.

Yes, this comic seems very “Silence Of The Lambs”, but writer James Robinson (who I have loved in the past and have cooled on recently) does a great job of putting together an introduction to this new (I think) character and establishing her relationship with her immortal, evil father.

The art is a little cartoony for my taste, but it didn’t really distract me from enjoying the story.

I’m giving DC Universe #11 (2012) 3 Aarons out of a possible 6!

Immortally yours,

Aaron Haber


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