Comic Book A Day – Day 28 – Spider-Men #4 (2012)

Spider Men 4 Review

Black and White and Red all over.

This is what cross-over comics should be!  We don’t need two characters that we’ve waited forever (or in this case a few months) to see fighting some stupid villain no one cares about, we want to see them interact, talk, learn about each other and be changed by it, in continuity!

Mile Morales

13 going on a ripped 28.

Miles Morales takes up the mantle of Spider-man after The Ultimate Universe’s Peter Parker is killed in action.  The original Peter Parker gets sucked into the Ultimate Universe after following Mysterio (who always makes me think of Cherrios…I don’t know, OK?) into a vortex.

ultimate mysterio

You know what? On second thought, put the fishbowl back on.

Turns out the 616 Mysterio was somehow able to send avatars of himself into this new universe, thus bridging the gap between the old school and new Ultimate universes for the first time.

Ultimate Aunt May

Hip, Strong, Cross-Eyed?

Well in this issue we see Peter Parker go to the recently deceased Ultimate Peter Parker’s house where Aunt May and Gwen Stacy reside.  Once everyone gets over the initial shock, we see some really touching moments where Ultimate Aunt May gets to see what Ultimate Peter would be like if he lived and had grown into a man.  Peter also gets to see Gwen Stacy again.

These are the moments I really care about as a comic book fan.  The human interactions, not just a bunch of dudes beating up another bunch of dudes (although sometimes that is fun to read).

I’m not sure where the last issue of this series is going or what ramifications it’s going to have on both universes in the future (Spider-man is set to take on a side kick in his book soon, was this decision based on meeting Miles?)

I’m giving Spider-Men #4 (2012) 4 out of 6 Aarons.  I recommend picking it up and then reading it and then putting it down again so you can do other things with your life.


Aaron Haber

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