Comic Book A Day – Day 29 – Deathstroke 12 (2012)

Deathstroke 12 review

That’s not a knife…this is a knife.

So I think Rob Liefed kind of sucks.  I’ve never been that into his art, although I do respect him for having a style which is instantly recognizable and I think his stories are just sort of lame.

He also comes off as a major egomaniac and incredibly difficult to work with as evidenced by his recent very public quitting/badmouthing of DC Comics and its editorial staff.

Just like in comedy though, you can be offensive if you back it up with being funny.  But Liefeld’s New 52 stories don’t back up the trash talking.

Is it possible that all his stories suck because the editors have nefarious (!) intentions?  Or is it possible that his stories just plain suck?

Either way, I had been enjoying the first several months of Deathstroke while under a different writer and then lo and behold in comes Rob and everything sucks.

Rob Liefeld Lobo

I guess I’m not the only one…

All that being said I was excited to see Deathstroke (whose name sounds like a snuff porn BTW) go toe to toe with the main man, Lobo.

This was Lobo’s introduction to the New 52 and while he’s portrayed as a real badass nothing happened in the story that I cared very much about.  The dialogue was dull, the character’s backstories were a little hard to follow and it had none of the super interesting “must read” drama or set up for future storylines that a Jeff Lemire or Scott Snyder comic has.

Plus there’s that whole Pig Pen art dynamic I’ve talked about before, where all of Liefeld’s characters have all these lines all over their faces.  I guess it’s supposed to be dramatic, but it just looks like they need a shower.

And after reading Deathstroke 12 (2012) I needed one too.  Luckily Liefeld is out of DC and hopefully this once great book can regain some of it’s interest and glory with the next writer.

I’m giving it 1 out of 6 Aarons.


Rob and Lie,

Aaron Haber



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