Comic Book A Day – Day 31 – Wolverine and The X-men #14 (2012)

Wolverine and The X-men 14 review

Kitty Pryde and Colossus’ mutant powers make him hard.

When I was a kid, my biggest crush was Kitty Pryde.  Cute, smart, owned a dragon.  What more could you ask for?

Of course I knew that she wasn’t real (even though there is a real Kitty Pryde) and so I was cool with her dating Colossus, the big Russian dude who turned to metal (worst guy to fight Magneto ever).

Colossus and Kitty Pride

Has Kitty’s power made her cross-eyed?!?

Well fast forward a bunch of years (decades really) and now Kitty is all growed up and teaches young mutants at Wolverine’s new X-men school and Colossus is part of the Phoenix 5 (the 5 mutants who have been given the “gift” of the Phoenix power).

Kitty Pryde and Colossus on a date

In the middle of the do do do….in the middle of the sea…do do do do…

Writer Jason Aaron (great last name) does a nice job of showing us how absolute power corrupts absolutely and can change the relationships of those around us.

I also appreciated the humor in the issue, with Toad keeping a treasure chest of Husks abandoned, old skin and Deathlok (he is a mutant, now?) being way too cryptic all the time.

This is the second issue of Wolverine and The X-men I picked up and I believe I will be picking up the comic every month from now on.  It’s not a perfect book, but it’s a good read.  Plus any comic that features Doop is OK in my book.

I’m giving Wolverine and The X-men #14 (2012) 4 out of 6 Aarons.  I recommend it!

Come on baby light my phoenix fire,

Aaron Haber


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