Comic Book A Day – Day 33 – Worlds’ Finest

Worlds' Finest 4 Review

Cookie Monster rages after being exposed to Fukushima radiation.

I so want to like everything that has to do with Earth 2.  Whether it’s the Earth 2 comic itself or Worlds’ Finest starring Power Girl and Huntress, who are from Earth 2 and trapped on our world (Kind f like Howard The Duck, no?).

Huntress and Power Girl

Trapped in a world they never made!

But I have to admit I found Worlds’ Finest sort of boring.  What I did like was The Huntress pining away for her father Earth-2 Batman and her mother Earth 2-Catwoman and imagining what it would be like to meet their Earth-1 counterparts.

But while the character development was interesting, the main crux of the story fell flat.  The action was boring and there was no real revelation to keep me interesting in reading the stories to come.

I love a lot of the Universe building that is going on at the New 52, but Worlds’ Finest needs to get a little more worldly and a lot more finest.

I’m giving Worlds’ Finest 4 (2012), 2 stars.  You can skip it and you won’t be skipping much.

I always wear my shirts old-school Power Girl style,

Aaron Haber


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