Comic Book A Day – Day 34 – Plastic Man #1 (1966)

Plastic Man #1 review

Plastic Man is Super Groovy!

Just like Captain Marvel before him, Plastic Man was conceived and introduced by another Comic Book Publisher, separate from DC.  But when Quality Comics went belly up in 1956, DC snatched up all their characters including Plastic Man.  In 1966 DC launched a new Plastic Man series written by Arnold Drake with art by Gil Kane.

Gil Kane Plastic Man

Gil Kane is Mr. Howell???

Gil Kane”s art is really fun and goofy, but Drake”s writing falls a bit short when it comes to being funny or interesting, although to be honest it”s possible that I just don”t get the jokes from 1966.

1966 plastic man

Actually he”s not.

One thing I did enjoy was Plastic Man”s incredible fame and popularity with the ladies in the world of this comic.  On almost every page woman are calling Plastic Man the most handsome so and so in the world and wanting to “make time” with him.

In researching this comic series, one really interesting fact is that in Issue #7, this Plastic Man is revealed to actually be the son of the original Plastic Man who drank a bottle full of the original chemicals that turned his dad into Plas.

If my old DC continuity (and my ability to read Wikipedia) is correct, this version dgfev online casino of Plastic Man was supposed to have lived on Earth-12 with the Inferior 5 and would become “Offspring” as seen in “The Kingdom”.  Phew!

Most of the classic characters from the original Plastic Man series including Woozy Winks and apparently Plastic Man himself are missing and the new characters sort of fall flat.

Professor X from Plastic Man

I know Professor X, and you, Sir are no Professor X!

One weird side note, Plastic Man fights a character called Professor-X, this is 3 years after Marvel launched the very popular X-men including the Original Professor X.  There”s an interesting recap here.


I”m giving Plastic Man #1 (1966) 4 Aarons.  It gets 3 for the story and art and another 1 for the historic comic angle.

I”m a red fire hydrant,

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