Comic Book A Day – Day 36 – Phantom Stranger #0 (2012)

Phantom Stranger 0 review

I’m a Phantom that has the power to break through paper! Booyah!

I know it’s “cool” to hate event comics, but I freaking love em!  Give me a good team up, team comic or even better a continuity/universe changing event where heroes are made and heroes die and I’m giddy as a person who is frequently giddy.

I also love origin comics and religious mythology and Fedoras, so basically, I loved Phantom Stranger #0.

Phantom Stranger

What makes the Phantom Stranger smile? Nothing!

If you’ve been living under or a rock, or killed Jesus and have been wandering the earth for 2000+ years and hadn’t heard, DC celebrated the 1 year anniversary of launching “The New 52” by releasing special 0 issue origin stories for each character currently making up The New 52 roster.

New 52 Zero Month

What a bunch of Zeros!

Each comic gives an origin which establishes the beginning of this New 52 version of the characters we love (and don’t love), while also building more elements of the New 52 universe which I find thrilling (The Red Vs. The Green Vs. The Rot for example).

Free Comic Book Day, New 52

Pandora’s Box…tee hee.

DC has done a terrific job in building up their new universe from the second it started with Pandora combining 3 comic continuities to create The New 52.  Then came her appearance in all 52 first issues and then the great origin story of The Trinity of Sin in the free comic book day offering.

While I don’t want to give anything away about The Stranger’s origin, I will say I liked the how Didio has set up his new mission and look forward to reading the series.

The only question I have is whether this story takes place in modern continuity or in old DC continuity as The Stranger and possibly the entire Trinity of Sin seem to remember and have existed in both.

For a great origin story, great universe building and for the title character wearing a fedora.  I’m giving Phantom Stranger #0 (2012) 5 out of 6 possible Aarons!

Phantom Strangest,

Aaron Haber


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