Comic Book A Day – Day 37 – Action Comics #0 (2012)

Action Comics 0 Review

Outta my way I just ate a Burrito Supreme and can’t find a bathroom!

Continuing on with the theme of DC’s New 52 Zero month, Action Comics #0 (it is a number, right?) is one of those classic Superman stories that helps define the character overall.

When Superman first appeared in the 1930’s he wasn’t battling super villains each and every issue, he was taking on slum lords and bullies and wife beaters.  He might have been an alien, but he was truly a man of the people.

Morrison has really brought Superman back to his roots with his Action Comics New 52 run, and this story is another great example of it.

Superman leaps train in Action Comics 0

Able to leap fast trains in a single bound!

In fact , you’ll notice in the picture above that Superman is not flying over the train, he’s leaping over it.  Again back to his roots.

Morrison’s story “The Boy Who Stole Superman’s Cape” does a masterful job of giving us backstory on Clark Kent establishing himself in Metropolis as well as some of the abilities of his classic cape.  It also humanizes Superman showing us that he really wants to help normal people and not just punch giant space alien robots.

I’m more of a story guy, so I don’t tend to mention art and artists unless they’re extremely good or bad, but I have to mention Ben Oliver’s work as being absolutely fantastic!

For an amazing story and amazing art work, I’m giving Action Comics #0 (2012) 6 out of 6 possible Aarons!

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Aaron Haber


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