Comic Book A Day – Day 40 – Green Lantern # 0 (2012)

Green Lantern #0 review

Arabic-Mexican Wrestler: El Green Lantern!

Great way to introduce a character!  No, I’m not being snarky, I just really enjoyed Geoff Johns (who we all know is The Martian Manhunter) telling of the origin of new Green Lantern Baz.

Born in the Middle East and raised in Dearborn Michigan, which has a large Muslim population, Baz is a car thief out of necessity.  Only this time he picks the wrong car and ends up blowing up a building and landing in a foreign detention cell.

Justice League of America

You just know Catwoman is going to use Vibe all the time!

By the end of the book, we find out that he has been chosen to be our sector’s new Green Lantern.  OK, well what happened to the old one?

In terms of introducing a new character and instantly making us care about him as well as setting up intrigue and mystery for future story lines, Johns has done it again with Green Lantern #0!

I’m giving it 5 out of 6 Aarons and I strongly recommend you picking it up and then reading it after that.

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