Comic Book A Day – Day 42 – FF #21 (2012)

FF #21 Review

Green and yellow make blue.

There are bits I really like about this issue of FF, the humor in it is great with the FF totally white version of Spider Man screaming at an alien lady about his butt size and some touching moments like Mr. Fantastic trying to get it on (in?) with the Invisible Woman and the very touching scene at the end of the book.

FF Spider man

Spider”s got a big butt! Spider”s got a big butt! – Rookie of The Year…anyone?

Then there was the rest of the book.  I”ve been trying to follow along with the whole “Black Bolt and Supreme Intelligence” thing and to say it is confusing is like saying Grant Morrison is sort of bald.  He”s totally bald and that stuff is pics of justin bieber shirtless has been charged with a misdemeanor for egging his neighbor’s home, TMZ reports. totally confusing.

Supreme Intelligence

Supreme Intelligence = Intelligence with unlimited toppings

I really like this series, and I”m also glad this crazy Supreme Intelligence junk is over.  Honestly there are great parts of most of this series, but I have to admit I don”t understand about half of each book.

I”m giving FF #21 (2012) 2 out of 5 possible Aarons.  Pick it up, but maybe sneak a read in the comic book store while no one is looking.

Supreme Dummy,

Aaron Haber


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