Comic Book A Day – Day 43 – Guarding The Globe #1 (2012)

Guarding The Globe #1 review

On a very special episode of Jerry Springer…

If you haven’t yet read Invincible do yourself a favor and pick up the trades from issue 1 and get yourself caught up before issue 100 hits the stand in a few months.  Invincible is the best, original, new superhero to come along in decades.  Not only that but it’s written and created by the guy who wrote and created The Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman.

Yeti from Guardians of the globe

Goarrgh indeed.

Kirkman had wanted to keep the Invincible Universe to one consistently great monthly book and for a long time did so.  Trouble is he created too many awesome characters which would have been impossible to showcase in one book.  Can you imagine all of Marvel’s characters being represented in just 1 book per month?

Guardians of the globe

Class photos at Super Hero High are always so overly dramatic!

So here comes Guarding The Globe (after their first spin off “Guardians of The Globe” series) which follows the exploits of…wait for it…The Guardians of The Globe.

Invincible has always had a very specific cartoony style to it which is carried on perfectly here by penciler and inker Todd Nuack and writer Phil Hester does a decent enough job of introducing the series first story arc and varied characters.

As a stand alone book, I’m not sure if this would hold my interest enough to continue on with the series, but since I’m a fan of Invincible and his Universe, I’m going to give this book at least a few months to get off the ground and get going.

I’m going to give Guarding The Globe 3 out of 6 possible Aarons.  It’s a decent enough book to read, but the characters and art make it worth the price of admission and the more Invincible-verse we get each month the better!

33% Invinvible,

Aaron Haber


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