Comic Book A Day – Day 45 – Worlds’ Finest #0 (2012)

Worlds" Finest #0 review

OMG! They’re like superheroes and stuff.

I really like the premise behind the New 52 Worlds’ Finest series.  Namely that Power Girl and Huntress were Supergirl and Robin on Earth-2 before their families were killed in action and they were somehow transported to DC’s main New 52 earth.

After that though the series has so far left me with a sour taste.  It’s been boring and I haven’t really had anything that made me care about these characters.

I really wish they had started the series with this story, because it’s pretty awesome!

Earth 2 Batman and Catwoman and Robin

If a Bat and a Cat have a baby it’s going to be a Robin.

This book really made me care about the Helena Wayne character. Writer Paul Levitz does a masterful job showing us the teenaged Wayne, who in this world is the daughter of Catwoman and Batman and is in training as Robin.

Helena Wayne Robin

Sweet and deadly 16

Artist Kevin Maguire with help from Wes Craig do an unbelievable job of showing us this Robin as a teenager.  Smaller, gawkward, even a little plumper.

I won’t give away any story details, but I will say that as an origin story, Worlds’ Finest 0 is really stellar and it made me care about a character I have never cared about before.  If only the rest of the series matched this level of work I’d be in for the long haul, for now, this issue has me reading for another couple of months to see if it gets better.

I’m giving Worlds’ Finest #0 6 out of 6 possible Aarons!  Definitely worth the read.

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