Comic Book A Day – Day 46 – The Flash Annual #1 (2012)

The Flash Annual #1 review

The Flash fights new teen pop group sensation “The Rogues”!

My friend Ray Gootz and I often have late night comic book conversations at the comedy club where he expresses his thoughts on where certain story lines and entire comic book universes are heading.  While he’s not right most of the time, I think he should be editor-in-chief of one of the big 2 publishers, because his ideas are amazing!

Anyway, we were discussing The Flash’s Rogue’s Gallery and how they’re ridiculous since Flash is immensely powerful and they’re a bunch of dudes who basically just possess slightly weird weapons.  Ray asked how they’re even a challenge to The Flash at all?

Rogues Genome Recoder

Much more powerful than a “Lawn Gnome Recoder”.

Well it seems as though writers Brian Buccellato and Francis Manapul had the same idea because this first Flash New 52 Annual addresses this very issue!  Flash literally taunts the rogues while foiling another heist.  The Rogues are then offered the chance to incorporate their powers into their DNA, it’s a “Monkey’s Paw” type of proposition as some of them are left with awesome powers and some of them are left with terrible deformities and intense agonizing pain…oh and one of them dies, but not really, but sort of.

Not sure if this idea was ever explored before, but The Flash’s Rogues definitely needed power upgrades to compete with one of the most powerful meta-humans on earth.

I have to admit that I gave up on The Flash for several months, but this new story line plus the promise of another great storyline beginning has made me a Flash reader once again.

I’m giving Flash Annual #1 (2012) 5 out of 6 Aarons!

Flash Fact:  I am Aaron Haber