Comic Book A Day – Day 53 – Green Lantern Corps #0 (2012)

Green Lantern Corps 0 review

Bwah, ha, ha!

Once again, I liked a Zero issue because once again it was a good, solid story.  This is the origin story of how Guy Gardner is chosen as a Green Lantern.

We meet his family, who are all cops and learn that something terrible has happened to get him thrown off the force.  While he’s still the same hothead, he’s also painted as more of a sympathetic character who flies into the face of danger and puts his life on the line without a moment’s hesitation.  In other words a true hero.

We also get to see the first meeting between Guy and Hal, which is pretty fun.

Writer Peter J. Tomasi has done a fantastic job of making Guy Gardner likable (I have never liked him before this issue) and even gives him a modern less douchey hair cut.

I say keep the new haircut, and cut out some of the douchiness of the character and you’ve got a winning combination.

I’m giving Green Lantern Corps #0 (2012) a solid 3 Aarons out of a possible 6.

Mushroom headed,
Aaron Haber