Comic Book A Day – Day 56 – Avengers Vs. X-Men Consequences #1 (2012)

avengers vs x-men consequences #1


Avengers Vs. X-Men #1 is absolutely unreadable!  Seriously, I bought it digitally from and it never downloaded.

I believe 1 of 3 things is happening:

1. This book is so awesome that Marvel is afraid I might go insane after reading it.

2. The book is so awful that Marvel is trying to cover their tracks by pretending there is a technical glitch.

3. is having a technical glitch and trying to prove that”s it”s much easier online casino canada to simply go to your local comic shop and purchase a print copy.

I”m going to go with option 1. ┬áThis comic is so awesome that just like the Kabbalah in Judaism, if I read it before I”m ready I will go insane.

I can only imagine what awesomeness AVXC#1 has in store for me, but I best not if I want to keep my sanity intact!

Seriously Marvel this comic should have come with a waiver, instead it came with full on digital protection.

Thank you for not allowing me to download the comic I purchased for $3.99 and protecting my eye balls (2nd sexiest set of balls on me) from melting.

Sincerely Appreciative,

Aaron Haber