Comic Book A Day – Day 58 – Justice League #0 (2012)

Justice League 0 Review

Perhaps we should stop at the optometrist?

I really love Shazam and Geoff Johns has been doing a masterful job of building up Billy Batson’s story in the back pages of Justice League.

Here in Justice League #0, we finally get to see Billy transform into the one and only Captain Marvel (except that now we don’t call him Captain Marvel).

This issue was quite enjoyable, especially seeing Shazam possessing the most powerful mortal body in the world and still grinning like a school boy when he smashes a chair or lifts a car. ¬†He’s grinning like a school boy, because he is a school boy.

This is why at the heat of it, Shazam was, back in the day, even more popular than Superman.  Because while you can never be a space alien who gets super powers, you sure could be a kid who is chosen to be worthy of them.

Any one of us could beShazam and that’s what makes it cute and exciting all at the same time.

I’m giving Justice League #0 5 out of 6 possible Aarons!



Aaron Haber