Comic Book A Day – Day 61 – FF # 22 (2012)

FF 22 review

My dad can beat up your Dad, no seriously, he has like 100 times.

While I didn’t start reading FF with issue #1, I really wish I had as each issue I’ve read has been top notch. ¬†Mostly it follows the exploits of the secondary characters who live in the Baxter Building alongside the main Fantastic Four figures (which now includes Spider-Man, who is this year’s Wolverine appearing in every single issue of Marvel Comics).

This issue is a true companion piece to the main Fantastic Four book, including some of the same dialogue even. ¬†Basically a couple of the kids from FF follow Reed, Sue, Johnny, Ben and Spider-man to A.I.M. Island. ¬†Having read the accompanying issue of Fantastic Four, I had a sense of “oh crap, did I buy this issue twice?” which I have done in the past (mostly accidentally buying a variant cover and then being too embarrassed/lazy to return it), that being said, I really liked this issue.

In a Rosencrantz and Guildenstern kind of way, it shows us a little of what’s happening in the background while the main characters are engaged in their action and this issue has a very sweet ending.

A lot of great characterization and dialogue makes this book highly recommended.

I’m giving FF #22 4 out of 6 possible Aarons.

Dragon man is my nickname,

Aaron Haber