Comic Book A Day – Day 62 – Red Hood And The Outlaws #0 (2012)

Red Hood And The Outlaws

I”d like to find her “red hood” know what I mean? Know what I…eh, nevermind…

So this one started out as a pretty interesting origin story for Jason Todd better known as the Robin who was killed by The Joker who was then brought back as The Red Hood.

The way it ended though, was as if a different writer had come in and completely disregarded the first 2/3 of the story.  It”s not a surprise ending, it”s not shocking, it”s just like “WTF?!?”, where the hell did that come from?

While I don”t want to ruin the “surprise” for you, neither do I want you to have to plunk down $2.99 for a crappy comic, so my advice, go by the comic shop and when the dude isn”t looking read this sucker quick and then be all like “Wow, Aaron really saved mt $3 there, that was freaking lazy and dumb.  Thanks Aaron!”.

I”m giving the first half of Red Hood And The Outlaws 4 out of 6 Possible Aarons, I”m giving the ending 0.  It”s just that bad.

Caught Red-Hooded,

Aaron Haber