Comic Book A Day – Day 64 – Red Lantern #0 (2012)

Red Lantern 0 Review

It’s hard to have a conversation with this guy. What with all the vomiting acid blood and all.

In Red Lanterns #0, we learn the origin of Atros who later becomes Atrocitus. ┬áIt’s a pretty straight forward origin, but it gives some “humanity” and sympathy to a character who is best known for simply being pissed, evil and angry all the time.

This is a decent book and maybe in the bottom half of the top half of the zero books I’ve read, but what I liked was that it gave a definitive origin to a character as opposed to just some more tease for things that are coming up in the future.

I’ve dropped Red Lanterns (and all the Lantern books actually), and this story isn’t going to make me pick it back up, but as a stand alone issue, I would recommend it.

I’m giving Red Lanterns 0 (2012) 3 out of 6 possible Aarons.

Well Red,

Aaron Haber