Super Swag – Custom Superhero Masks

Superhero Masks

Is that mask felt? It is now!

These are not your super duper vinyl serious cosplay masks, but they are really cute, custom felt superhero masks for $6!  You could get a lattee at Starbucks or be the envy of your workplace with one of these awesome masks!  But please only use your newfound powers of disguise for good.




Super Swag – Superhero Party Invites!

Superhero Party Invites

Hopefully your kid’s name is Nicholas and was born on September 23rd, 2007.

OK, I want these for my birthday next year!  It’s like Ticketmaster joined forces with Time Warner and Disney to make Superhero Birthday ticket invited just for you!  Copyright permission?  Probably not.  Awesome factor of 1 million? Probably YES!!!

Go here.



Super Swag – Marvel Cookies!

Marvel Cookie

Be careful not to toss them!

Hulk bake!  Cookies Assemble! Diabetes-sense tingling!  Whatever your superhero cookie call is, you’re probably going to enjoy eating (or maybe framing and hanging on the wall) these awesome Marvel Superhero cookies!



Super Swag – Sexy Marvel Garter Belt

Marvel Garter Belt

Make Mine Marvel!

Want to seduce the comic book nerd in your life?  Look no further than this amazing Marvel Garter Belt by etsy seller Voluscious!  I can’t even show you the other photos (one has a butt in it – teehee).