WTF is Evil News Daily?

The Selective Society Of Super Villains welcomes you to The E.N.D.

What is The E.N.D. you ask?

Pure Evil we answer!  Pure, delicious, Evil Blogging.  Namely

You see, all the bloggers on Evil News Daily are Super Villains.

Why would Super Villains be blogging instead of trying to take over the world?

Because collectively we got sick and tired of getting beat down by the likes of Superman and Batman and Spider-man and Iron Man and lots of men who seem to exist for the sole purpose of punching us in the face.

“No more” we said!

There must be a better way to take over the world which involves less face punching.

So, instead of trying to enslave you through sheer physical force and terrible deeds, we will now enslave you through evil blogging…hence:

Feel free to peruse Evil News Daily on an Evil daily basis, each time you read one of our Super Villain Blogticles (Blog + Article = Blogticle) you are only letting us dig deeper into your mind where myself and my fellow Society Of Super Villain elite members will plant the seeds of evil and submissive domination!!!

Feel free to let us know what you think, however also feel free to know that if you don’t like Evil News Daily we might come to your house and murder you.


Nefarious Mustache

Editor In Chief








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