Rogues Gallery

Tweets From Henchmen – Bizarro

Tweets From Henchmen

He told me I was fired. So…does that mean I have a promotion?  I’m so confused… #Bizarraoamnotsucktoworkfor


Tweets From Henchmen – The Juggernaut

Tweets from henchmen

Nothing can stop the Juggernaut…from cutting my pension.       :(


Nothing can stop the Juggernaut

Tweets From Henchmen – The Turtle

Want to know the slowest thing about The Turtle?  The time it takes for him to send out my paycheck!  Come on already!!!


The Turtle

Tweets From Henchmen – Ocean Master

Blech!  Swimmer’s ear!  No more “Aqua” jobs for me!

Ocean Master

Tweets From Henchmen – Magneto

  Going to have to replace my fillings after today’s job.


Written by Paul de Vries

Tweets From Henchmen – The Riddler

 Riddle me this: How much does working for a guy who speaks in lame riddles all day long suck?  Answer: It sucks a lot.

Astin Riddler

Tweets From Henchmen – Blackheart

Working for this guy is hell!  Seriously, how about a little AC in here?




Tweets From Henchmen – The Black Lama

For the record casino spiele it”s two humps….


Black Lama

The Black Lama!

Tweets From Henchmen – Black Manta

Instead of Christmas bonuses last year, the boss got us non-exchangeable tickets to Sea World. #blackmantasucks

Black Manta

written by Paul de Vries…so shut up.


Tweets From Henchmen – M.O.D.O.K.


Talk about giant jerks, this guy’s ego is so inflated his head can’t even fit through the door!