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The Fop: Harley Quinn

Salutations, my fellow Danditos!

So, tell me, is Harley Quinn going for the Suicide Squad look or the Suicide Girls look?

Talk about a femme fatal mistake, her new threads are far more criminal than anything she”s ever done to land in Arkham!

Meanwhile, her ex-boyfriend, the Joker, is reinventing himself faster than Madonna at an interfaith convention. Buzz down the avenue is he got a facial peel, not at a day spa but at Arkham Asylum, and not with exfoliating chemicals but with a knife. If his new face transplant is a success, I might just have to phone his surgeon; I know a beautiful male model who owes me a favor.


Fame picks her winners and losers at each high profile celebrity break up. Luckily for Harley, Joker will be wallowing in obscurity until October when he”ll premier his new look. Now”s her chance to ensnare the rabble”s favor, but I suggest she starts following these simple DOs & casino online DON”Ts:


DON”T try to slip into a corset that”s three sizes too small. What”d you do? Shop in the junior section of Frederick”s of Hollywood? It”s not tantalizing, it”s distracting! So you know, nip slips are a proven method to catching the rabble”s eye, but alas, they only ever lead to reality television shows.

DO wear a well-fitted bustier like Zatanna (Justice League Dark) does. She looks sexy but confident.


DON”T dye your hair symmetrically down the middle. You may be telling people your hair just turned out like that after falling into a vat of chemicals, but the Fop recognizes a dye job when he sees one, and this one is far too Two Face.

DO switch it up with bold streaks like Abigail Arcane (Swamp Thing).


DON”T let your make up streak. On your new-found complexion, it shows. Either set it with a translucent dry powder or…

DO keep it simple. A simple application of lipstick paired with an eye mask is all Batwoman (Batwoman) uses.


Too much to follow? Just throw on the old number.



Now that”s Bozo-chic!


Well, it”s been a gas gabbing with you all. Stay super-fab!


Fiercely yours,

The Fop

Tweets From Henchmen

Tweets from henchmen

I once told her I smoked weed once. She lit a fire under my ass and smoked me.

Tweets from henchmen

It’s a trap!!!


Tweets From Henchmen

Tweets from henchmen Is that gun of his a real miniature Thompson?  Did he buy it at the Kids R Us gun counter?


Tweets from Henchmen

Sorry, I’ll never ask where your hand is again!

Tweets from Henchmen

Tweets from henchmen I hate that damn coin at lunch time.  Heads I buy the guys a meal.  Tails I kill them and get a ham sandwich.


It sucks working for Two-Face

Not ham again!

Tweets from Henchmen

Tweets from henchmen I once walked in on him and Harley.  I still have nightmares about rubber chickens and hammers.

Joker and Harley Quinn Tweets from henchmen

You do not want to be the victim of one of the joker’s infamous boners.