Super Swag

Super Swag – You Will Have The Justice League…In Bed.

Justice League Blanket

Always the practical joker, Wonder Woman lets one rip on Aquaman.

Have monsters under your bed?  Get this DC comics official old-school Justice League blanket and let DC’s big boys (and girls) kick the crap out of them!

It’s on Ebay (if someone bought it, I’m sure there is another one, just search for it lazy pants) and features classic versions of the characters you love.

Who wouldn’t want  Bat-girl and Super-Girl and Wonder Woman sharing a bed with them?

New school Allan Scott, that’s who!

But for him, you’ve got all those dudes, so everyone’s happy!






Super Swag – Super Pappi Package Holder?

Super pappi undwear


Ball-sling-Man, Ball-Sling-Man does whatever a ball sling can!

Bleeding eye-balls meet “Super Pappi”, Super-Pappi meet incredibly squashed testicles.

I personally have never heard of Super-Pappi, but my guess is his super power involves destroying evil sperm in the sac (of the nut variety) before they can become super-villains.

This Super-Pappi (ahem) package can be yours on Ebay if you hurry now (and probably if you don’t).

Thankfully it comes new with tags.


Super Swag – Squirrel Girl Heroclix!

Protect your nuts! It’s Squirrel Girl!!!

About to take your own life because you didn’t have a Squirrel Girl Heroclix?  Well slowly remove the blade from your wrist (besides your doing it in the wrong direction) and heroclix on over to Ebay where you can find a hollow tree’s worth of Squirrel Girl heroclix for sale right now (probably!).

Super Swag – Custom Knobs

Bed knobs and Boom Sticks!

OK, so for $97.50 (shipping included) I might just decide to learn how to paint myself, but you have to admit these custom painted super hero drawer knobs from Sweet Petites are pretty well…sweet.

They’re for sale on and you can be magically transported over to the site by clicking the photo.



Super Swag – Inappropriate Super Light Switches

I don’t know…it seems to me that Intergalactic Design over at could probably have moved the image down, shown Shazam’s head and had the light switch where the thunder bolt is.  But hey, then you wouldn’t have this kind of awesome Captain Marvel Magic Penis electricity controller!


She-Hulk, do you have a license to sell hot dogs?

Or this gender bending She/He Hulk light switch.


Anyone else thinking “M.O.D.I.C.K.”?  Cause I can’t stop thinking it.


So in conclusion, if you love comic books, penises and electricity, head on over to Intergalactic Design and (ahem) grab one today!