Super Swag

Super Swag – Sexy Green Lantern Costume

Sexy Green Lantern Costume

Beware my camel toe, Green Lantern’s light!

So I’ve found about a thousand slutty lady superhero costumes, but this might be my favorite.  Technically it’s not even that slutty (at least not as slutty as the Wonder Woman pasties I found), it’s just tight and really how many super hero costumes aren’t?

So buy this costume for yourself or your loved one and then watch as your loved one yells at you for being the worst gift giver ever.  But after a couple of weeks when you’re finally forgiven and she wears this awesome GL costume, you’ll know all that crying, screaming and hating you was totally worth it!


Super Swag – 1967 Marvel Plastic Action Figure Collection!

Marvel Plastic Action Figures

Plastic men!

Are you independently wealthy and have tons of money to burn?  Well my email is  Please contact me.


You could blow your wad (gross) on this vintage and rare set of 1967/72 plastic marvel figures!  Possibly the only ones in existence not to be pooped out of a cat’s ass!

Better hurry on over to ebay because if you don’t, you might miss this and then probably die or embarrassment.




Super Swag – Marvel Foam Balls!

Marvel Foam Balls

Got Foam Balls? See a Doctor!

Balls.  Balls made of foam.  Balls made of foam that look like Marvel Superheroes and villains!  Balls.


Super Swag – Action Comics Dress

action comics dress

When the gal you’re hanging out with wears this dress you know you’re getting some action later!

Check out this awesome, vintage-looking Action Comics dress from Etsy seller SophsterToaster!  Whether you buy it for the little lady in your life or just for yourself to wear around the house (hey, I’m not judging), it’s sure to be a conversation piece.

Please note that a conversation piece means people will talk about it and not that the dress will actually start talking…although that would make it even more awesome!



Super Swag – Superman Trucker Hat

Superman Trucker Hat

Covering your head is a job for Superman!!!

I like hats, I like Superman.  I like that I bought this Superman hat at The New York Comic Con.


Super Swag – Super Mom T-Shirt!

Super Mom T-shirt

Faster than a speeding Toddler, able to leap piles of stuffed animals in a single bound…

For my very first Father’s Day, my wife bought me a really awesome Super Dad T-Shirt!  When I went to The New York Comic Con and saw this Super Mom T-Shirt I knew it I had to snag it for her.  So I waited until no one was looking and stole it, but was caught and sentenced to 10 years in prison.


I gave the guy $20 and he gave me the shirt and my wife really loved it.

I found it online here.


Super Swag – Star Wars Belt

Star Wars Belt

On a waist line extremely close to your junk…

Did I mention I like Star Wars?  Did I mention I like Ice Cream and Sex (even separately!)?  Duh!

So when I saw this awesome Star Wars belt at The New York Comic Con, my pants exploded.  Luckily, I bought this belt and reattached my pants and was allowed to remain at the convention.

If you love Star Wars or if your pants have exploded, you might want to get this belt here.


Super Swag – Flash Pop Hat


Put this hat on and you’re wearing the Flash. Take this hat off and you’re flashing your head.

May I submit for your perusal item #2 that I purchased at The New York Comic Con?  Yes, I may because it’s my website!

I love The Flash (and I love it when women Flash me) and I love this hat as much as someone can love a hat.  I’m even  wearing it right now as I type this!

Flash Fact: Hats go on your head and if you want to put this one in that place, you might want to click here


Super Swag – Chewbacca Hoodie

Chewbacca Hoodie

Cheaper than a life debt.

This weekend is The New York Comic Con and like a nerd moth attracted to a nerd light I was there!  So for this week’s Super Swag, I’m going to show you things that I thought were awesome and even some things that I bought myself.

Which brings me to this awesome, amazing Chewbacca Hoodie!  I had to purchase it from this website, as the sizes run really small and they didn’t carry my self (I normally wear an XL and needed a 2XL on this one).  In fact the XL was so small that I couldn’t get it unzipped (Thanks red-headed comic con chick for the save!).

Will I get more “you’re a weirdo” looks than high fives from Star Wars fans?  That remains to be seen.  Will I feel awesome going for a stroll in Central Park with my amazing family wearing said hoodie?  I can already answer firmly “YES!”.


Super Swag – Marvel Heros Glasses

Marvel Superhero Glasses

Hulk Smash Glass at Wedding for good luck!!!

Hmmm, I can”t tell if these are ugly or cool.  But online they”re only $10 at  So that make them prettier to me!

Head on over to and get these glasses or don”t what do I care?