Super Swag

Super Swag – Agent Coulson Knit Doll!

Agent Coulson Doll

Make Mine Macrame!

Agent Coulson week continue at with this awesome knit doll from Etsy seller Mightymola.  The bad news is it’s one of a kind and has already been sold, the good news is we have this photo for posterity.

Agent Coulson Lives!



Super Swag – Coulson Lives!

Coulson Lives

If Wonder Man, Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye (like 3 times) and Cap can come back from the dead, why not Coulson?!?

This is probably my favorite “Coulson Lives” T-shirt, based on the classes Avengers #4 which brought Captain America back from the dead and into the modern era, geeks and casual movie fans alike will appreciate your awesome taste in humorous T-shirts.


Super Swag – Agent Coulson Is My Homeboy

Coulson Is My Homeboy

He is risen.

Agent Coulson is awesome.  A dude with a cameo who was so likable that he ended up becoming a major character int he Marvel Cinematic Universe right up there with Captain America, Iron Man and The Hulk!

There are a ton of great Agent Coulson T-shirts on the market right now.  This is one of them and you should buy it!




Super Swag – Infant Super Blankey and Hat

Superman Blankey

Able to poop tall buildings in a single poop.

Sure according to the American Pediatrics Society you could potentially suffocate your baby if you let them sleep in this Superman infant blanket and hat combo, but look how cute it is!

Isn’t it worth the risk?

Also available in Bat Suffocation!



Super Swag – Mary Marvel Watch

Mary Marvel Watch

Punch the crap out of time with Mary Marvel!

Is this 1945 Fawcett Publications Mary Marvel watch awesome?  Has the ebay listing where I found it most likely expired by the time this blog post is published? Have I potentially bought said awesome Mary Marvel watch for myself before you even had the chance to bid on it?

Yes, Yes and Yes, but just in case no, click here.


Aaron Haber writes this crap and can be seen at his NYC comedy club almost every night!


Super Swag – The Shredder Hoodie

The Shredder

Just don’t wear this hoodie in Florida.

Tired of kicking the crap out of turtles in your normal hoodie?  Of course you are!  But don’t fret because now you can kick the crap out of turtles in this authentic-like Shredder hoodie!

I’ll buy a Bebop hoodie and we’ll go out and kick some turtle ass together!

Aaron Haber writes this crap and you can see him perform nightly at his NYC Comedy Club.


Super Swag – Superhero Spoonheads?!?

Superhero Spoonhead


Let’s file this one under the WTF?!? banner.

So I guess this is a spoon attached to a superhero action figure body.  So where the head would be is now a spoon.

Why wouldn’t you reverse it and make the body the spoon and have a freaking head on this thing?

This is a product for children, yet it is truly horrifying.

So I guess if you want to eat soup from some dude’s head, get this.


Super Swag – The Phantom Guitar Pick Holder

The Phantom

Enter The Phantom…from behind!!!

Did you lose your guitar picks AGAIN?!?  Well sure you did, you didn’t have this handy “The Phantom” guitar pick holder to hold your guitar picks.

Is this thingamajig really a guitar pick holder?  Probably not, but that’s what the Ebay seller describes it as and I believe everything I read.

Super Swag – Naked Flash Iphone case?


OK, I’m stumped.  I wouldn’t buy this, but I wanted to show it to you in that “this food tastes terrible…try it” kind of way.

But hey if you’re a weirdo and want to get this naked Flash iPhone case at and be my guest, pervert.


Super Swag – Iron Man Knit Gauntlets

Iron Man knit gloves

For the Iron Wo-Man

What do you get the woman who loves Iron Man who has everything?  You get her a weak heart and replace it with Stark technology!  Don’t want to potentially kill her?  Then how about these really cool knit Iron Man gauntlets from etsy?