Super Swag

Super Swag – Spider-Man Welding Helmut

Spider-man welding helmut

Spider-Man, Spider-Man, Welds together 7 spider cans!

Are you a professional Welder type person?  No?  Well this Spider-man Welder”s Helmut is so cool that I”m going to ask you to reconsider your life choices and go back to school for welding.

Even if you don”t this awesome Spider-Man helmut could be just the conversation starting item online casino that will finally help you to…um…start conversations.

I found it on Ebay, if you click that link you can as well!

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Tweets From Henchmen – Babyface

 Missed his nap, threw a temper tantrum and killed three casino henchmen.


Baby Face

Aaron Haber writes this crap and you can see him at his NYC comedy club almost every night!


Super Swag – Batman Car Emblem

batman car emblem

Warning: Will not let driver drive through a solid rock waterfall!

The best way to turn your 1987 Yugo into a chick-mobile?  This here Batman Car Emblem!  Perhaps buy 350 of them and cover your entire car?  OK, great idea, but remember to leave yourself eye slots on the windshield.

I found online casino these suckers on, hurry there are probably only about one hundred thousand of these left!

Aaron Haber writes this crap and can be seen performing live stand-up comedy at his NYC Comedy Club


Super Swag – Justice League Coasters!

Justice League Coasters

West Coaster Justice League

As you know, I’ve already got my super fab Avengers comics coasters, but this set of Justice League Coasters are cute and stylish and are sure to keep Starro, Amazo and all the other evil O’s away from your table top!

Head on over to and pick them up!


Aaron Haber writes this crap and you can see him perform his comedy live at his NY Comedy Club: The World Comedy Club

Super Swag – Classic DC Logo Cuff Links

Dc Comics Cuff Links

Fista-Cuff Links

So if you liked the Flash cuff links that I bought from Etsy yesterday, don’t fret, this dude has like hundreds of different ones from Marvel and D.C.!

I particularly like these classic D.C. logo cuff links, but you may like the ones with Batman or Spider-man or Butt-face Man (I made one of those up myself).  Whichever one you like (we all know it’s Butt-Face Man), head on over to and pick em up for yourself!

Aaron Haber wrote this crap…you can see him almost every night at his NYC Comedy Club, The World Comedy Club!


Super Swag – Magneto Knit Hat!

Magneto Knit Cap

I can’t read her thoughts, it’s as if her head is all fuzzy!

How awesome is this Magneto Knit Cap?  Pretty freaking awesome!  I only worry that as you walk around town in your pretty freaking awesome Magneto Knit Cap that all the knit scarves and sweaters and stuff animals will attach themselves to your body through the sheer force of your newfound Magneto yarn powers and you’ll suffocate to death.  But it is a pretty freaking awesome cap, so I’d risk it.

Aaron Haber wrote this crap and he performs almost every night at his NYC comedy club!


Super Swag – Superman/Dictionary Night Lite

Superman Night Light

Powered by Kryptonite!

This dude took a dictionary and a superman image and a box of metal and light and created this Superman/Dictionary nite lite which will most likely not burn down your house.  If you’re daring and love Superman and Dictionaries and nite lites, head on over to and pick this baby up!

Aaron Haber wrote this, he performs at his NYC Comedy Club just about every night

Super Swag – Comic Book Wallpaper!

Marvel Comic Book Wallpaper

This comic book wallpaper is sure to hide all the bodies buried in your bedroom wall!

Well hot diggity dog!  If I had walls where I lived, I would most certainly plaster them with this incredibly cool Marvel Comics comic book cover wallpaper.  You can pick it up at or you can not casino pa natet pick it up and go back to just shutting your stupid mouth!


Aaron Haber writes this crap and is a NYC based comedian.  You can see Aaron at his NYC Comedy Club, The World Comedy Club!

Super Swag – Superman Snuggie!

Superman Snuggie

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a couch potato!

Finally!  Snuggies for the Super Hero lover!  I wish I could wear the Superman, Batman, Spider-man, heck even the Wonder Woman Snuggie at the same time without dying, but since I can’t I’ll choose Superman from




Super Swag – Customized team Punk Darth Vader Helmut!


The steam punk is with you…always!

Utilize the dark side of credit card debt and plunk down $175 for your very own, customized, fully wearable (I think) steam punk Darth Vader Helmut!  Then throw a huge steam punk party and then throw the emperor down a really deep well!