Super Swag

Super Swag – Superman Cake Pan!


This cake pan can withstand temperatures of 1 million degrees! Probably not, but it’s still pretty damn cool!

I have this cake pan!  My mom used to make Superman and Batman cakes for my birthdays and they were awesome!  And check it out, I found one on for $6!  Diabetes never tasted so super!


Super Swag – Captain Marvel Paper Doll

Captain Marvel Paper Doll

Big, Red, Flying Cheese!

Sure, it may not be $71.15 more expensive than when it was originally issued in 1944, but this paper Captain Marvel (as he was then known) doll can really fly!  And it’s Terrific and Sensational!  So it’s kind of a bargain, no?


Super Swag – Vintage Superman Belt Buckle

Superman Vintage Belt

Ironcially the belt is made out of kryptonite and your waist will explode!

If this belt wasn’t $165 I would already have bought it and be wearing it around town.  How freaking awesome is this?!?  Maybe not $165 awesome, but still pretty awesome.

Here’s the description from

SUPERMAN BELT BUCKLE with leather belt.  Very early.  1940’s vintage.  square stamped steel buckle with 1″ diameter planchette on end of SUPERMAN busting chain around his chest.  I believe this was a premium from the SUPERMAN TIM CLUB.  Shows wear.  very good.”

So if you’ve got an extra $165 laying around and are tired of your pants falling down…go for it!


Super Swag – Superman Diaper Bag

Superman Diaper Bag

Superman battles his arch-nemesis: Baby Poop!

So two things:

1. This looks like the worst diaper bag ever!  As a dad who has experienced the evil that is baby poop, pee and puke first hand, I don’t see how this won’t end up being the smelliest, most poop stained piece of fabric ever.

2. If you just used it for a bag to carry lightweight stuff in, it’s pretty darn cool!

I’m not a marketing genius, but I would recommend this company to stop advertising this as a diaper bag and start advertising it as an awesome Superman bag for awesome people who want to be awesome!




Super Swag – Dr. Fate Helmut

Dr Fate Helmut

Nab-u this awesome Doctor Fate helmut for yourself today!

Etsy seller PitViperStudio not only sells, but also creates these amazingly beautiful Doctor Fate helmuts from pure ancient Egyptian magic or fiberglass.  It’s one of those 2 things.  Either way, it’s pretty amazing and if I had an extra $250 lying around, I would magically transform it into this conversation starter.


Super Swag – Sexy Avengers Mini-Skirt!

Avengers Mini Skirt

The Avengers…more powerful protection than a chastity belt!

The only thing I don’t like about this Avengers fabric mini-skirt is that modern society does not allow me to wear a mini-skirt and still keep my job.  But man, I’d love to see my wife in (and out) of this one!

Go on over to Etsy seller BremaEbbingCostume today and get one for the lady in your life.  Or don’t and shut up.



Super Swag – Marvel Bow Ties!

Marvel Bow Ties

Where’s the Hawkeye Bow and Arrow tie?

These Avengers bow ties being sold by Etsy seller TieGame are pretty darn slick.  Although I would have liked to have seen a Thanos/Death or a Joker/Jason Todd version myself.


Super Swag – Avengers Box Set (Birthday Hint)


What does Aaron want for his birthday? A glowing tesseract in a shield suitcase full of Marvel DVDs please.

Holy crapazoid!  Can this thing be as cool as it seems?  Not only does it have all the Marvel Studios movies since Iron Man (Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America and The Avengers) but it also has a bonus disk of bonus stuff and some amazing packaging.  Sure it’s $140, but it’s not $280 right?  Nope!  It’s 50% of $280, so just imagine that it could be $280 and that you’re getting a really great deal and then everything will be just fine.



Super Swag – A Good Cause

Karl Kesel comic book collection

You can buy his comics or just donate to help him pay off his son’s medical costs. (which I read every day) has a really touching article about comic book writer and inker Karl Kesel (it’s also where I’m getting all the info for this Super Swag feature.

Karl is adopting a baby, which is already an expensive enough proposition, but this baby was born addicted to heroin.

A baby having to go through detox is tough enough, but the medical bills are a staggering $67,000!!! (I liked one of the i09 commenters who asked if they were feeding the baby crushed diamonds.).

So Karl, who helped to create the 1990’s Superboy and has written and inked tons of comics is selling off his comics collection to help pay the bills.

Click here for the article

Click here to buy his comics

Click here to donate 



Super Swag – Character Cold Packs

Star Wars Ice Packs

Luke Warm, I am your father!

I may just have to punch myself in the eye to justify buying these sweet, sweet Batman, Yoda and Darth Vader cold packs from  Icing swollen body parts has never been this hot!