Super Swag

Super Swag – Iron Man Earbuds!

Iron Man Earbuds

Repulsar ray ambient noise with these mother suckers!

Have you ever said to yourself: “Self? I love music and I love Iron Man and I love spending only $13.95 for what is sure to be an inferior product technically but will look mad cool.”?

Then these Iron Man Earbuds are for you!

Don’t finger walk, finger run to your mouse and click this link otherwise you’ll miss your chance of a lifetime!



Super Swag – Make a Wish Boba Fett Helmet

Boba Fett Make A Wish Helmut

Carmine the Bowler?

What could be cooler than owning your very own Boba Fett helmut?  How about owning a tricked out Boba Fett helmut that looks like an “Alien” skull is inside!  What could be cooler than that?  Knowing that the money you spent on your tricked out Boba Fett helmut went to the Make A Wish Foundation granting sick children an amazing day where they can experience their wildest fantasy come true!  What could be cooler than that?  A charitable prostitute who gives it up for free ALL THE TIME.  But I think helping out sick kids is better.  Right?  Right.


Super Swag – Superhero Cloth Menstrual Pads! No Really.

Superhero Mentstrual Pads

I’m the best at what I do, and what I do is absorb menstrual blood.

Do you ever get that “not so fresh” feeling?  Then you need Iron Man, Wolverine and Spider-Man to protect your vag against evil menstruation!

OK, so I can’t even believe this exists.  I actually threw up in my own mouth just reading the description of this item over on Ebay.

But hey, if you have a vagina and it’s bleeding and you love superheros, I guess this is the item for you!

I just threw up again….




Super Swag – Flash Silver Coin!

The Flash

The only time The Flash takes home a silver in a running event.

Sitting on a giant pile of silver and don’t know what to do with it?  Of course you are!  Well, back in 1982 people had the same problem and so they decided by village decree that they would turn all their lazy silver into superhero coins, like this here Flash one.

So run on over to Ebay and pick this Flash Silver coin up before paper money is completely useless.


Super Swag – Superman Cape Socks!

Superman Cape Socks

Toeing the line at $9.99!

EvilNewsDaily contributor Paul de Vries turned me on to these superman socks…that have freaking capes attached to them!

I don’t know where I’d wear them, but I’m pretty sure they’d look great with a kilt.

Head on over to before they all fly right off the shelves!


Super Swag – Spider Plant!

spider-man planter

With great flower, comes great re-pottability.

I have just found the perfect place to grow your spider plants!  Head on over to Etsy seller gingerpots, to start your own super garden with this Peter Potter.


Super Swag – Justice League Flask

Justice League Flask

The Justice League fights the evil that is…The Liver!

Head on over to Etsy seller Brilliatnbashes right now and pick up this JLA flask!  Be amazed as Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman fight and kill braincells with every swig!  Your fancy new flask will have all the Zatannas saying “!knurd er’ouy”


Super Swag – Superman Toilet Paper Wallet??

This Superman wallet is crap!  Well at least it was made from a recycled toilet paper roll which is close enough to crap right?  Except it’s totally rad, it’s on and you should buy it, yo!

Super Swag – Vintage Superhero Slurpee Cups!

Superhero Slurpee Cups

Superheros and Villains help you get in your cups!

I love my family and If I wasn’t 100% sure my wife would divorce me and my baby would get lead poisoning, I would pick up this sweet, sweet set of vintage 7-11 slurpee cups!  I mean there’s Marvel, there’s DC, there’s something that looks like an albino monkey in a spacesuit!  If you’re unhappily married then head on over to EBAY and finally get that divorce you’ve been hoping for!

Super Swag – Captain Marvel Plate


Heat up your dinner with the power of lightning!

Damn!  If I hadn’t blown my Super Swag budget last week on those awesome Avengers Coasters, this amazing Captain Marvel (I don’t care what anyone says, THIS is the original and only Captain Marvel in my book.) collector’s plate found on Ebay would be decorating my EvilNewsDaily desk.  Talking Tiger burger anyone?

Captain Marvel Plate

Baby’s Got Back!