Super Swag

Super Swag – Justice Society Beer Pitcher

Justice Society Beer Pitcher

Run! Fly! Invisible Jet as fast as you can to…BEER!!!

This Super Swag item actually adorns my bar top.  I can’t say it’s been used a bunch, but having a beer pitcher with Dr. Midnight (he likes dark beer) and Allan Scott (he likes gay beer) is pretty awesome!

Head on over to to pick yours up today!  By the time you get down to the bottom of the pitcher you’ll have developed the super power of beer goggles!!!



Super Swag – Jerry Siegel Signed Superman Piece!

Jerry Siegel Signed Action Comics

Jerry Siegel died after having to sign 2000 (!) of these suckers!

Have $350 to burn and want a one of a kind (if one of a kind is defined as being one of 2000 of something) piece of art work?  Then head on over to Etsy seller nwlimited’s page and pick up this Jerry Siegel signed and framed copy (probably not the million dollar original) of Action Comics #1!


Super Swag – Avengers Pillow!

Avengers Pillow

Must…Support…Lumbar Region!

Throw pillows just like Thor throws Mjölner with these Avengers couch pillow thingys from Etsy seller TheTaffetaDarling!


Super Swag – Cat Avengers???

Cat Avengers

Hulk is a pussy.

Um…Cat Avengers print by Etsy seller Geekypet.  So…um…yeah.  Cat Avengers, ok?


Super Swag – Awesome Envelopes

Superhero Envelopes

These envelopes are impressive…most impressive.

Have to send a hit order by mail?  What Most web browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can usually change your browser settings to display a warning before accepting a cookie, choose to accept cookies only from certain web s or to refuse all cookies. better way to do it than with these Super villain (and some hero) envelopes.  Sure, the post office won”t be able to read any address that”s written on it, but who cares as long as your missives are luxuriating inside these badass mailers created by Etsy seller joycempope.


Super Swag – Avengers Coasters!

Avengers Coasters

Avengers Assemble to protect the table top!

Don’t let Loki, Kang or coffee rings destroy your table!  No!  Assemble the Avengers together and keep your fine mahogany table top…er…fine.

OK, so this is actually the first Super Swag item that I’ve bought myself.  I went a-searching for Super Swag, found these Avengers Coasters and bought the suckers from Etsy Seller MyEvilFriend.


Super Swag – Fantastic Four Sewing Pattern

Fantastic Four Sewing Pattern

Mister Fantastic has no eyes. Sew What?

This Fantastic Four sewing pattern is sew much fun, it will leave you in stitches!  (See what I did there?)


Super Swag – DC Comics T-shirt Issues

Funny DC Comics T-Shirt

Based on this T-shirt my new favorite superhero is Batgirl

OK, so I think this shirt is pretty funny.  I’m not sure if they got them all correct, but this clinical diagnosis T-shirt found currently on Ebay is my new favorite T-shirt.  I would buy it right now, but I have to run…I’m late for therapy!


Super Swag – 1970’s Marvel Lunchbox

Marvel Comic Lunch box

OK, but why is Spider-man swinging from a rope?

So not only does this rectangle hold your lunch, it’s also got a ton of superheroes on it!  In addition to Thor, Captain America and Spider-man (who for some reason is swinging from a rope instead of his webbing) there’s the Fantastic Four on the other side and a whole crap load of Avengers on it.


It’s on Ebay and the auction is over in about 10 hours, so if you read this after Monday, August 6th, 2012, you’re screwed!


Super Swag – Stained Glass (sort of) X-men Print!

X-men stained glass print

Thanks Beast! Now, I’ll never get this stain out.

Want the Beast to stain your apartment?  No, not like that, like this!  It’s a print/poster that looks just like a stained glass window featuring the original X-men from Etsy seller FayProductions and I have to say it looks pretty awesome.

While FayProductions says that you can stick this right over your window to simulate a real stained glass window, I believe you would be simulating a blacked out window that no longer functioned as a window.  Best to stick to having this awesome poster be what it is…an awesome poster to stick on your awesome wall (what? You don’t have an awesome wall filled with awesome stuff?  Best get moving son!