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 Throwing Shade with Shade.  Damn he’s good.

Comic Book A Day – Day 63 – Teen Titans #0 (2012)

Teen Titans 0 Review

Check out the wing span, ladies!

Writer Scott Lobdell does an amazing job giving us the origin story of Tim Drake AKA Red Robin in Teen Titans #0.  Drake is almost the anti-Batman, striving to be the best he can be just because it’s in his nature to do so and not to avenge anyone’s death.

It’s not an easy task to reinvent the wheel and make it different from all that’s come before while still functioning and spinning with grace and ease and this is what Lobdell has done.

Tim’s is still a tale a tragedy and pain, but also love and fulfillment at the same time.

If I say anymore I’m going to spoil a good book, so I’m just going to suggest you pick it up and read it.

I’m giving Teen Titans #0 (2012) 5 out of 6 possible Aarons!

Red Robin (Yum),

Aaron Haber


Super Swag – Sexy Green Lantern Costume

Sexy Green Lantern Costume

Beware my camel toe, Green Lantern’s light!

So I’ve found about a thousand slutty lady superhero costumes, but this might be my favorite.  Technically it’s not even that slutty (at least not as slutty as the Wonder Woman pasties I found), it’s just tight and really how many super hero costumes aren’t?

So buy this costume for yourself or your loved one and then watch as your loved one yells at you for being the worst gift giver ever.  But after a couple of weeks when you’re finally forgiven and she wears this awesome GL costume, you’ll know all that crying, screaming and hating you was totally worth it!


Tweets From Henchmen – Lex Luthor

Somewhere in another universe this guy could be President. #WhenYouLookAtOurChoicesIsHeThatBad?

Lex Luthor

Lex Luthor


Comic Book A Day – Day 62 – Red Hood And The Outlaws #0 (2012)

Red Hood And The Outlaws

I”d like to find her “red hood” know what I mean? Know what I…eh, nevermind…

So this one started out as a pretty interesting origin story for Jason Todd better known as the Robin who was killed by The Joker who was then brought back as The Red Hood.

The way it ended though, was as if a different writer had come in and completely disregarded the first 2/3 of the story.  It”s not a surprise ending, it”s not shocking, it”s just like “WTF?!?”, where the hell did that come from?

While I don”t want to ruin the “surprise” for you, neither do I want you to have to plunk down $2.99 for a crappy comic, so my advice, go by the comic shop and when the dude isn”t looking read this sucker quick and then be all like “Wow, Aaron really saved mt $3 there, that was freaking lazy and dumb.  Thanks Aaron!”.

I”m giving the first half of Red Hood And The Outlaws 4 out of 6 Possible Aarons, I”m giving the ending 0.  It”s just that bad.

Caught Red-Hooded,

Aaron Haber


Super Swag – 1967 Marvel Plastic Action Figure Collection!

Marvel Plastic Action Figures

Plastic men!

Are you independently wealthy and have tons of money to burn?  Well my email is  Please contact me.


You could blow your wad (gross) on this vintage and rare set of 1967/72 plastic marvel figures!  Possibly the only ones in existence not to be pooped out of a cat’s ass!

Better hurry on over to ebay because if you don’t, you might miss this and then probably die or embarrassment.




Tweets From Henchmen – The Mandarin

For the first 2 weeks I worked here, I thought his name was “The Mandolin”.  #NotRacistIfItsTrue

The Mandarin Iron Man movie

The Mandarin

Comic Book A Day – Day 61 – FF # 22 (2012)

FF 22 review

My dad can beat up your Dad, no seriously, he has like 100 times.

While I didn’t start reading FF with issue #1, I really wish I had as each issue I’ve read has been top notch.  Mostly it follows the exploits of the secondary characters who live in the Baxter Building alongside the main Fantastic Four figures (which now includes Spider-Man, who is this year’s Wolverine appearing in every single issue of Marvel Comics).

This issue is a true companion piece to the main Fantastic Four book, including some of the same dialogue even.  Basically a couple of the kids from FF follow Reed, Sue, Johnny, Ben and Spider-man to A.I.M. Island.  Having read the accompanying issue of Fantastic Four, I had a sense of “oh crap, did I buy this issue twice?” which I have done in the past (mostly accidentally buying a variant cover and then being too embarrassed/lazy to return it), that being said, I really liked this issue.

In a Rosencrantz and Guildenstern kind of way, it shows us a little of what’s happening in the background while the main characters are engaged in their action and this issue has a very sweet ending.

A lot of great characterization and dialogue makes this book highly recommended.

I’m giving FF #22 4 out of 6 possible Aarons.

Dragon man is my nickname,

Aaron Haber


Super Swag – Marvel Foam Balls!

Marvel Foam Balls

Got Foam Balls? See a Doctor!

Balls.  Balls made of foam.  Balls made of foam that look like Marvel Superheroes and villains!  Balls.


Tweets From Henchmen – Scarecrow

 For Halloween he’s dressing as Ray Bolger.  #orJasonLee