Tweets From Henchmen – The Purple Pie Man

Berry, berry in the closet.

#Yah-tah-tah-tah-tah-tah-tah-tah, tah-tah-tah-tah! Cha!

Purple Pie Man

Purple Pie Man


Super Swag – Star Wars Belt

Star Wars Belt

On a waist line extremely close to your junk…

Did I mention I like Star Wars?  Did I mention I like Ice Cream and Sex (even separately!)?  Duh!

So when I saw this awesome Star Wars belt at The New York Comic Con, my pants exploded.  Luckily, I bought this belt and reattached my pants and was allowed to remain at the convention.

If you love Star Wars or if your pants have exploded, you might want to get this belt here.


Comic Book A Day – Day 56 – Avengers Vs. X-Men Consequences #1 (2012)

avengers vs x-men consequences #1


Avengers Vs. X-Men #1 is absolutely unreadable!  Seriously, I bought it digitally from and it never downloaded.

I believe 1 of 3 things is happening:

1. This book is so awesome that Marvel is afraid I might go insane after reading it.

2. The book is so awful that Marvel is trying to cover their tracks by pretending there is a technical glitch.

3. is having a technical glitch and trying to prove that”s it”s much easier online casino canada to simply go to your local comic shop and purchase a print copy.

I”m going to go with option 1.  This comic is so awesome that just like the Kabbalah in Judaism, if I read it before I”m ready I will go insane.

I can only imagine what awesomeness AVXC#1 has in store for me, but I best not if I want to keep my sanity intact!

Seriously Marvel this comic should have come with a waiver, instead it came with full on digital protection.

Thank you for not allowing me to download the comic I purchased for $3.99 and protecting my eye balls (2nd sexiest set of balls on me) from melting.

Sincerely Appreciative,

Aaron Haber



Super Swag – Flash Pop Hat


Put this hat on and you’re wearing the Flash. Take this hat off and you’re flashing your head.

May I submit for your perusal item #2 that I purchased at The New York Comic Con?  Yes, I may because it’s my website!

I love The Flash (and I love it when women Flash me) and I love this hat as much as someone can love a hat.  I’m even  wearing it right now as I type this!

Flash Fact: Hats go on your head and if you want to put this one in that place, you might want to click here


Tweets From Henchmen – Joker

 Does your face hurt?  Because it’s killing me!

joker's face

The Joker

Super Swag – Chewbacca Hoodie

Chewbacca Hoodie

Cheaper than a life debt.

This weekend is The New York Comic Con and like a nerd moth attracted to a nerd light I was there!  So for this week’s Super Swag, I’m going to show you things that I thought were awesome and even some things that I bought myself.

Which brings me to this awesome, amazing Chewbacca Hoodie!  I had to purchase it from this website, as the sizes run really small and they didn’t carry my self (I normally wear an XL and needed a 2XL on this one).  In fact the XL was so small that I couldn’t get it unzipped (Thanks red-headed comic con chick for the save!).

Will I get more “you’re a weirdo” looks than high fives from Star Wars fans?  That remains to be seen.  Will I feel awesome going for a stroll in Central Park with my amazing family wearing said hoodie?  I can already answer firmly “YES!”.


Are you going to NYCC?

Dear Reader,

Are you going to the New York Comic Con?  I am!  I’m going and I’m bringing a camera and my friend Ray “The Gootz” Gootz with me!


Because I want to meet you and every other lovely lunatic at NYCC and interview you for!

Starting Friday, I’ll be tweeting my location and other awesome stuff from comicon in the hopes that you’ll be following along and come and say hello and get interviewed for the site!

You can follow me at @aaronhaber

I don’t tweet a lot, but next week I will!

Hope to see you at the Javitz center (which always makes me think of Jarvis the Avengers’ Butler).



PS To get ready for this shiznit, I’m not posting on EvilNewsDaily this week, but don’t worry, I’ve kept all the other awesome posts up for you to read until I get back!


Tweets From Henchmen – Beard Hunter

Mimi Rogers.  Check.  Nicole Kidman.  Check.  Katie Holmes. Check!  #BewareThe Beard Hunter!

Beard Hunter

The Beard Hunter

A Comic Book A Day! Day 0 – The Origin! (reprint)

So check it out, I’m taking a week off for some R&R (and to get ready for the NYCC)  In the mean time I’ll be reposting some of my favorites from the past few months, I hope you enjoy and will see you next week!
My name is Aaron Haber.
Aaron Haber's Comic Book A Day

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I am a comedian, a husband (“The Husband” at my wife’s blog), a father and for the last 30 years or so an avid comic book lover (which is why the pages are often stuck together).

Vincerum A Malo Verbis = Overcome by Evil Words.

I’m also the Editor-In-Chief of (AKA The Nefarious Mustache, don’t tell anyone).  I’ve assembled an awesome team of funny, interesting and weird geekazoids who will be writing about the things they love.

Sure comic books reign supreme, but we’ll also be talking about movies, video games, literature, science, cars and the list goes on and on till the break of dawn.  I hope you f-ing love this site and the writers on it as my as I do.  If not?  Fuck you.

comic book stache

My secret comic book stache!

You know, it might sound weird to the uninitiated, but right behind getting married and having a kid, the next biggest thing which actually made me feel like an adult was moving my entire comic book collection from my parent’s basement (thanks dudes!) to my apartment in the city.

I do read some indie comics, but I am an unadulterated lover of DC and Marvel, sometimes in that order and sometimes reversed.

I’ll also admit right up front that I am a sucker for big, universe spanning cross over events.  I’m loving Avengers Vs, X-men and Crisis of Infinite Earths is one of my favorite series.

Before Watchmen

At the end of the series, he loses his underpants!

You might not like the idea of Before Watchmen, but I think it’s awesome!

While I love creators and artists (my modern favorites are Mike Mignola, Robert Kirkman, Brian K. Vaugh, Bendis and newly Jeff Lemire and Scott Synder and old school Kane, Siegel and Shuster, Stan Lee, Kirby, Steve Gerber), I really love the characters!

Marvel and DC Comic's Finest

On a very special episode of Full House Superman meets Spider-man!

I want to find out what’s happening, has happened and will happen to the modern pantheon (which sometimes includes the ancient pantheon) of Gods, Monsters and Heros.

To satiate that curiosity, I’m going to break into my stache (I know it’s spelled wrong) each and every day (Days = Monday – Friday) and read and review 1 comic book.  That’s right, A Comic-Book-A-Day!

X-men number 1

I have like 200 of these!

First up on Monday: X-men #1 (1991)

I look forward to taking this awesome and sometimes not so awesome journey with you and always welcome your comments, love and even comic books suggestions!

Until Day 1, I remain…

Nerdy and proudy,

Aaron Haber

Editor-In-Chief at
Also Your Mother


Comic Book A Day – Day 54 – Superboy #0 (2012)


Superboy kinda looks like Bert from Sesame Street, no?

I read the Ravengers mini-series (of sorts) in Teen Titans and read the beginning issues of Superboy and Teen Titans.  I’ve also been reading a lot of these zero issues and many of them have been fantastic.  Alas not so with Superboy #1.

True there is a somewhat interesting backstory of where Superboy’s Kryptonian lineage might be from, but within a few panels the weirdo villain guy from N.O.W.H.E.R.E. says it is a possible history and might not be real.  Then why the hell did we just read about it?

Kon from Superboy


I really wanted to like Superboy as a series and a character, but I just can’t seem to get behind either one no matter how hard I try.  The character, the story and the dialogue are just too dull for my tastes and in this Superboy origin story, we barely even see Superboy and he has basically no lines.

I’m giving Superboy #0 1 out of 6 possible Aarons.


Aaron Haber