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A Comic Book A Day! Day 0 – The Origin! (reprint)

So check it out, I’m taking a week off for some R&R (and to get ready for the NYCC)  In the mean time I’ll be reposting some of my favorites from the past few months, I hope you enjoy and will see you next week!
My name is Aaron Haber.
Aaron Haber's Comic Book A Day

WTF are you looking at audience type person?!?

I am a comedian, a husband (“The Husband” at my wife’s blog), a father and for the last 30 years or so an avid comic book lover (which is why the pages are often stuck together).

Vincerum A Malo Verbis = Overcome by Evil Words.

I’m also the Editor-In-Chief of EvilNewsDaily.com (AKA The Nefarious Mustache, don’t tell anyone).  I’ve assembled an awesome team of funny, interesting and weird geekazoids who will be writing about the things they love.

Sure comic books reign supreme, but we’ll also be talking about movies, video games, literature, science, cars and the list goes on and on till the break of dawn.  I hope you f-ing love this site and the writers on it as my as I do.  If not?  Fuck you.

comic book stache

My secret comic book stache!

You know, it might sound weird to the uninitiated, but right behind getting married and having a kid, the next biggest thing which actually made me feel like an adult was moving my entire comic book collection from my parent’s basement (thanks dudes!) to my apartment in the city.

I do read some indie comics, but I am an unadulterated lover of DC and Marvel, sometimes in that order and sometimes reversed.

I’ll also admit right up front that I am a sucker for big, universe spanning cross over events.  I’m loving Avengers Vs, X-men and Crisis of Infinite Earths is one of my favorite series.

Before Watchmen

At the end of the series, he loses his underpants!

You might not like the idea of Before Watchmen, but I think it’s awesome!

While I love creators and artists (my modern favorites are Mike Mignola, Robert Kirkman, Brian K. Vaugh, Bendis and newly Jeff Lemire and Scott Synder and old school Kane, Siegel and Shuster, Stan Lee, Kirby, Steve Gerber), I really love the characters!

Marvel and DC Comic's Finest

On a very special episode of Full House Superman meets Spider-man!

I want to find out what’s happening, has happened and will happen to the modern pantheon (which sometimes includes the ancient pantheon) of Gods, Monsters and Heros.

To satiate that curiosity, I’m going to break into my stache (I know it’s spelled wrong) each and every day (Days = Monday – Friday) and read and review 1 comic book.  That’s right, A Comic-Book-A-Day!

X-men number 1

I have like 200 of these!

First up on Monday: X-men #1 (1991)

I look forward to taking this awesome and sometimes not so awesome journey with you and always welcome your comments, love and even comic books suggestions!

Until Day 1, I remain…

Nerdy and proudy,

Aaron Haber

Editor-In-Chief at EvilNewsDaily.com
Also Your Mother


Tweets From Henchmen – Paste Pot Pete

Not only should you not have broken into LL Cool J’s place, you definitely, DEFINITELY should NOT have called this a “regular jam”.  #hislyricsmademecallthecops

Paste Pot Pete

Paste Pot Pete

Comic Book A Day – Day 24 – Justice League Dark #11 (2012)

Justice League Dark 11 Review

No more wiRE HANGeRS!!!!

Finally!  This is the Justice League dark I’ve been waiting for!  I just love this Jeff Lemire guy.  Everything he writes turns to gold (or rather really inspired ink on a piece of paper as it would be very expensive to buy gold comic books).

Jeff Lemire

Jeff Lemire and incredibly fast candy!

I have to admit I was pretty disappointed with the first story arch of Justice League Dark.  Was it the worst thing I ever read?  No.  But that’s like saying the vomit pizza didn’t taste as bad as the diarrhea pizza.

I’m a big fan of Lemire’s dialogue, but even more so of his story plotting and universe building.  I’m not sure if he came up with the concept of the Green and The Red, but he’s certainly maximized the ideas behind them.

Justice League Dark

Fashion Week…in HELL!

The Black Room, using Golems as security, Special Ops with magical enchantments?  Sign me up!  Plus the introduction to the New 52 of the boy wizard, who was a boy wizard before that other boy wizard.  This books got a little something for everyone who loves their DC magic.  Oh and Mike Janin’s art is pretty wicked as well.


I’m giving Justice League Dark 11 (2012) 5 out of 6 Aarons.

Si eman ym,

Aaron Haber


Comic Book A Day – Day 15 – B.P.R.D. Hell On Earth: Exorcism (2012)

B.P.R.D. Hell On Earth Exorcism 2

Court of Owls Crossover? Nah, it’s just your typical Owl based demon from Hell.

Mike Mignola is my favorite comic book creator.  After working with Marvel and DC, Mignola went to indie comics publisher Dark Horse with his newest creation Hellboy.


I feel like there might be something behind me…nah!

After numerous comics, cartoons, toys and even 2 big budget Hollywood films Hellboy is a permanent addition to the comics Pantheon alongside Batman, Superman, Spiderman and The Avengers.

B.P.R.D. Plague of Frogs

No. I do not want any fish sticks.

Since Hellboy died and went to Hell (we’ll see him later this year again), The B.P.R.D. has taken over the spotlight in the Mignola-verse and I love it!

Agent Strode

One day I will exorcise all the demons from Hell AND finally marry Archie!

On B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth Exorcism, Agent Strode takes center stage.  Watching her character transform from insecure Liz Sherman fan to Exorcist extraordinaire is great fun and as always Mignola’s story, both in terms of a single issue and moving along a much grander plot scheme is excellent!  I also love Cameron Stewart’s art which fits nicely into the Mignola Verse.

Comic Book Nerd Aaron HaberComic Book Nerd Aaron HaberComic Book Nerd Aaron Haber

B.P.R.D. Hell On Earth is a solid book, which rates 3 out of 6 possible Aarons!  I say pick it up…and then read it.


Aaron Haber




Comic Book A Day – Day 9 – Dare # 1 (1991)

Dan Dare Issue 1, 1991

Dare…to have a bowling ball under your leg!

For today I went indie!  So indie that I couldn”t even really find the publishing company on the inside of the book!  Instead the publishers are listed as Gary Groth (of the Cape Cod Groths) and Kim Thompson (of the Cape Cod Groths).

Dan Dare Calling

There is NO WAY I am accepting a collect call from Venus!

Dan Dare is a British comic strip/radio character first appearing in 1950.  According to Wikipedia (which is where I get all my information on everything ever) he is sort of like a British Buck Rogers.  Buck Rogers as we know is sort of like an American Dan Dare.  So there you have it.

Dan Dare

Excuse me, Martian Manhunter”s weirdo cousin? Can you please stop watching me go to the bathroom?

OK, so this is #1 out of a 4 issue series and it”s written by Grant Morrison (who”s All-Star Superman #8 I reviewed yesterday suckas!) and look, I like Grant Morrison  most of the time (not the time when he wrote Final Crisis, that time I didn”t like him), but this issue was sort of kind of boring.

Dan Dare Commodore 64

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I know that first issues are usually the cock tease, introducing the story issues, but I have no investment in Dan Dare as a character so I didn”t really care that he was older and sad and his friends were older and dead or angry or whatever.

Dan Dare

I need a cane because I have an airplane stuck on my head!

The art on Dan Dare”s original comics were supposed to be very unique to that strip, and so if Alan Hughes (of the Cape Cod Groths) is going for that unique look, maybe he achieved it and kudos for him, but I think it looks weird and annoying and well I wasn”t into it.

Look, if you”re a Dan Dare enthusiast, I say go for it, if you”re not, I say don”t for it…and I”m not so I”m giving Dare 1 Aaron out of 6

I dare to be,

Aaron Haber