agent coulson

Super Swag – Agent Coulson Mini Mate

Agent Coulson Mini Mate

Agent Coulson Vs A Frost Giant would probably be a very quick fight…for the Frost Giant! Boo Yah!

To me a Mini Mate sounds like a dating site where you can find little people, but what do I know?  I’m only THE SMARTEST PERSON IN THE UNIVERSE!!!

And I decree that you should most likely want to buy this Agent Coulson Mini Mate figure on Ebay.  If you don’t the Frost Giants win.


Super Swag – Agent Coulson ID Badge

Agent Coulson ID badge

Wear this and the ladies will grant you all access…I’m talking about sex.

OK, don’t tell anyone you got this tip from me, but there is a dude on Ebay selling Agent Coulson’s S.H.I.E.L.D. I.D. B.A.D.G.E.!  Dude, it’s Level 7 clearance which means you can…um…something.

I just hope that when you take over the world, you’ll give me my half.


Super Swag – Agent Coulson + Cap Earrings!

Agent Coulson Earrings

Can you hear me now? Seriously, you can’t? I’m literally hanging from your ear!!

Agent Coulson week continues on with these awesome Coulson/Steve Rogers earrings!  These are remarkably well done especially considering they are from which means they’re most likely hand made.

Maybe this is finally the excuse I need to get my ears pierced!



Super Swag – Agent Coulson Knit Doll!

Agent Coulson Doll

Make Mine Macrame!

Agent Coulson week continue at with this awesome knit doll from Etsy seller Mightymola.  The bad news is it’s one of a kind and has already been sold, the good news is we have this photo for posterity.

Agent Coulson Lives!



Super Swag – Coulson Lives!

Coulson Lives

If Wonder Man, Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye (like 3 times) and Cap can come back from the dead, why not Coulson?!?

This is probably my favorite “Coulson Lives” T-shirt, based on the classes Avengers #4 which brought Captain America back from the dead and into the modern era, geeks and casual movie fans alike will appreciate your awesome taste in humorous T-shirts.


Super Swag – Agent Coulson Is My Homeboy

Coulson Is My Homeboy

He is risen.

Agent Coulson is awesome.  A dude with a cameo who was so likable that he ended up becoming a major character int he Marvel Cinematic Universe right up there with Captain America, Iron Man and The Hulk!

There are a ton of great Agent Coulson T-shirts on the market right now.  This is one of them and you should buy it!